On October 8th Microsoft released a hotfix which can be installed over System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 CU3 which on the whole seems to have gone un-noticed. The hotfix essentially provides fast channel communication to mobile devices when you send remote wipe or retire commands to an enrolled device. I should be clear that this is a hotfix for ConfigMgr and is used in a unified device management scenario where Microsoft Intune is combined with ConfigMgr for mobile device management. Prior to this hotfix such requests could take up to 24 hours to be performed on the device. Let’s not forget this process is wholly dependent on the device being reachable by Microsoft Intune at the time of the request, that has not changed. If the device is not available at that time then the process will run the next time it contacts the Microsoft Intune service, that in itself could still take 24 hours.



Also worth noting is that the hotfix only lists iOS, Android and Windows 8.1 as the effected devices. No mention of Windows Phone. I plan to do some testing with this hotfix so I’ll be sure update this post accordingly to relay my feedback.

This is a welcome change for me as I have experienced this and have been asked it by customers too, to take up to 24 hours to wipe a device is pretty frustrating when you potentially have sensitive data on that device that someone left on a train. Incidentally whilst I’m on this topic I found it most amusing and almost a  1 – 0 for technology when I read this recent article regarding devices being wiped whilst in police custody, it proves that this kind of technology does work albeit in this case potentially in the wrong hands.

If you have some experience of testing this one already then let us know and share the experience.