As the title suggests Cumulative Update 4 for Configuration Manager 2012 R2 was just released. As luck would have it I’m in the middle of a new implementation so I installed it and thought I would share the experience. I’ll be honest the process is much the same as any other cumulative update but I know some people want to run through what to expect up front.

You can get the update here and there are updates included in this release for the following areas:

  • Client
  • Software distribution and application management
  • Network Access Protection
  • Operating system deployment
  • Administrator Console
  • Site servers and site systems
  • Mobile devices
  • Migration
  • Reporting
  • Software updates

And also some additional changes for:

  • Windows PowerShell
  • Data replication
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Operating systems other than Windows

I have done a quick run through of the install for those that are interested in what to expect: