This is a slightly off topic blog post for me but interesting all the same, although some may say that’s a matter of opinion. I’m sure most of you have heard about smart watches but I wonder how much people actually know about their capabilities or even how they work. Very simply, they hook up to your phone using bluetooth and allow you to perform limited functions of your phone such as read and write text messages, emails and get calendar reminders. Some also take their own SIM card and allow you some functionality similar a phone or tablet. There are many other features available from different watches but for me this is the appealing bit. Oh and let’s not forget they do tell the time!

imageI was given a demonstration of a Sony smart watch earlier this year and I must say I was impressed and can see the appeal. Don’t get me wrong there are limitations but I always feel if you are aware and happy with those limitations then why not – that’s a separate discussion though. The Sony smart watch that was demonstrated to me was good enough for my requirements however was based on Android i.e. connects to your Android phone. Being a Windows Phone stalwart I’m used being a little behind the competition when it comes to compatibility however today I came across the Kreyos smart watch which claims Windows Phone 8 compatibility alongside Android 4.0 and above and also iPhone 4 and above. It’s still only a pre-order item and is due for release Jan-Mar 2014. I claims some cool features such as gesture control, vibration and a 7 day battery life. I just checked with their support guys and they said it is planned to support multiple email accounts which is a key feature for me, however this is not tested at the moment.

Their website – – says they will imageship to the EU although prices for the watch are quoted at $169.95 which is just over £100 at the time of writing.

Take a look around their website if you’re interested and let me know your thoughts. On the face of it (get it?) they look to be a pretty good set-up and I suspect we may see more from these guys in the future.

Just to be clear myself or WMUG have no affiliation with these guys however if they wanted to send us a ‘test’ device then it would be gratefully received :)

So until the still rumoured Microsoft official smart watch this looks to be the best bet for Windows Phone 8 compatibility. If you want more details on that then I’ll point you to gadget site T3 who recently published an article on this.