• Sat, Nov 22 2014

    ConfigMgr Inbox Monitor Updated (1.4.1)

    I’ve only gone and blown the bloody doors off! Well that’s a quote famously uttered by Michael Caine from one of my favourite movies, aging a tad now, like the actor, the Italian Job, which has nothing to do with this posting at all, Saturday humour :-) So, what did I do, well Inbox Monitor got some dev loving, it is now at Version 1.4.1 and includes the following: Ability to connect to a Primary, Secondary or Management...
    • Fri, Nov 21 2014

    Book review – Advanced Deployment by Martyn Coupland

    The problem with reviewing a book is that you, if you’re fair, you need to commit to reviewing all related ones otherwise you’re at risk of being selective and possibly looking a bit biased. I’m guilty of this because to date all I’ve reviewed is Kent Agerlunds master piece “Mastering the Fundamentals”, which, I consider to be the go to book for tooling up on ConfigMgr quickly, a benchmark for all books to aspire to be...
    • Sat, Nov 15 2014

    User State Migration – Preventing Recovery Key loss

    Last night I was nearly out of my famous luck, I’d accidently deleted the wrong Computer Association for an OSD build that had successfully completed on a VIP’s laptop, only to find that some software (Non-MS Disk Encryption) was installe...
    • Sat, Nov 8 2014

    Guide to creating your own ConfigMgr tools – Part 2 Extended

    In the following series of blog posts I will introduce you to C#, Visual Studio and the ConfigMgr SDK, and show you how to produce your own custom tooling easily. The motivation behind this series of postings is to enable you to create community tools or bespoke tooling to assist you in your day-to-day ConfigMgr role, and thus to enhance the Community overall, as hopefully you’ll produce the very next best tool and we...
    • Fri, Oct 31 2014

    Guide to creating your own ConfigMgr tools – Part 2

    In the following series of blog posts I will introduce you to C#, Visual Studio and the ConfigMgr SDK, and show you how to produce your own custom tooling easily. The motivation behind this series of postings is to enable you to create communi...
    • Thu, Oct 30 2014

    SQL Query – Get the last registered IP Address for each Device in a Collection

    I’ve been trying to get this SQL query working for a while now, and only recently managed to put the query together fully, essentially I wanted a list of Devices with their last IP address that are members of a Collection, like this: Device...
    • Sun, Oct 26 2014


    Was so bored last night, spotted Androidify on the App Store and made this! Check it out (if you’re running Android) here Make one yourself, tweet me and WMUG on @RobMVP / @WMUG to share! Disclaimer: Nothing like me!
    • Tue, Oct 21 2014

    Midwest Management Summit – Win a free ticket!

    This is so cool. We've teamed up with the guys from MMS Minnesota to offer a giveaway exclusively to all registered WMUG members. I'm sure you'll already know about the MMS Minnesota event but just in case you haven't, go and check it out here - mms.mnscug.org. It promises to be an awesome event for all System Center enthusiasts with over 100 sessions from some of the best speakers around diving deep on...
    • Fri, Oct 17 2014

    Guide to creating your own ConfigMgr tools – Part 1

    In the following series of blog posts I will introduce you to C#, Visual Studio and the ConfigMgr SDK, and show you how to produce your own custom tooling easily. The motivation behind this series of postings is to enable you to create communi...
    • Wed, Oct 8 2014

    Handling ConfigMgr related embedded objects in WMI with C#

    Recently, I had to write some C# code to access a bunch of properties that are in an array of embedded objects stored in objects coming back from a WMI query against a ConfigMgr Site server (the SMS Provider really). Isn’t particularly tricky once you figure it out, harder to explain just then, but this did take me a bit of time to crack, and I thought I’d share it with you in case you stumble into the same...
    • Tue, Sep 23 2014

    Simple Install Guide ConfigMgr 2012 R2 CU3

    The System Center 2012 Configuration Manager R2 Cumulative Update 3 has just released (September 2014), and I wanted to put up a quick guide on installing it. This isn’t really a comprehensive guide, there’s a stack out there for CU2 that are just as applicable, and that carry a ton of useful tips for preparing, implementing, monitoring a Cumulative Update and defining the tasks an administrator needs...
    • Tue, Sep 23 2014

    Justin Chalfant - Management Point Affinity Added in ConfigMgr 2012 R2 CU3

    Justin Chalfant from the Microsoft Premier Field Engineering Group blogged about the new Management Point control registry key here . The great thing about this new key is that LocationAware controls it completely, it was its destiny to do so, and thus it controls which Management Points a ConfigMgr Client will use via a dynamic end-to-end solution. Static solutions such as what you’d find with a complex Compliance Settings...
    • Tue, Sep 23 2014

    ConfigMgr 2012 Cumulative Update 3 and LocationAware from SMSMarshall Ltd

    Myself and another ECM MVP Jason Sandy's applied a lot of pressure over the last few months to the ConfigMgr product group, pressure maybe the wrong word, partial-begging and hand-wringing may fit better, anyway we don’t know if we ...
    • Wed, Sep 10 2014

    Branding devices using Collection Variables, Task Sequences and PowerShell

    Customer asked me to figure out a way to make it easy for them to create\manage a Machine based Environment Variable en-mass, so I came up with something that uses PowerShell, Task Sequences and Collection Variables. Save this script as SysEnvVarBranding.ps1 to a new Package Source Folder location: # Get the Task Sequence Variables $tsenv = New-Object -COMObject Microsoft.SMS.TSEnvironment # Set the Machine Environment...
    • Mon, Aug 18 2014

    WMUG Clinic–Orchestrator-20-August-2014

    WMUG has another Clinic days away, 20th of August 2014 , this time covering System Center Orchestrator, with a great bunch of knowledgeable guys, with Peter Egerton hosting, and with guest speakers Sam Erskine, Steve Beaumont (MVP), Dieter Gasser, Steve Buchanan (MVP) and Andreas Baumgarten (MVP) Check out the Clinic page for Orchestrator here . If you want to attend, check out the events landing page above for further...
    • Fri, Aug 15 2014

    WMUG Clinic-Service Manager-July-2014

    WMUG hosted a Clinic for July 2014, this time for Service Manager with a bunch of great guys, Sam Erkine, David Scambler, Andreas Baumgarten MVP, Dieter Gasser and Anton Gritsenko MVP. Covered a lot off, worth the listen. Check out the Clinic page for Service Manager here Note: This is an audio-only recording, there are slides containing the introduction, agenda and sign off, as well as at the very end the links...
    • Sun, Aug 10 2014

    New ConfigMgr Architects mailing list

    I love designing for ConfigMgr, and to boot I love sharing, so I created a new mailing list dedicated to ConfigMgr design. If you’d like to join up ping an email to architects@smsmarshall.com with SUBSCRIBE in the subject or body, and I'll add you to the list. I know a lot of you already, directly or indirectly, but I do not want to just sign people up so you’ll have to go through the one time chore of subscribing...
    • Sat, Jul 26 2014

    Enhanced Hierarchy functionality

    Some of you may already know or have guessed, controlling Management Point, and now Software Update Point usage has become a bit of a preoccupation of mine. It is a “missing” feature that I’m acutely aware of as an Architect, I have to point out to customers that this gap just has to be lived with. Designing for ConfigMgr is a real joy, but having to be an apologist because something is missing, although relatively easy...
    • Thu, Jul 10 2014

    LocationAware–Control Management Point usage

    I’ve written a pretty awesome and cheaply priced product to control System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1 and R2 Management Point selection and usage, literally bringing localisation that we have today for Content to Management Points without any burden, overhead or change in the infrastructure. LocationAware maps Management Points to Boundary Groups, it consists of a Console, an Agent and a Configuration file...
    • Sun, Jul 6 2014

    LinkedIn Phishing attempts

    Keep an eye out for this bunch of LOL on LinkedIn. I received this today. (I wonder who the poor guy is in the picture!) Mr. Robert Marshall , I would start by saying thanks for your response..How is your family doing? I hope okay. My proposal is very important to me so please I want you to take the content of this mail very seriously. All I want is an honest business transaction between us. First of all, I will start...
    • Sun, Jun 22 2014

    Where’s Robert been lately?

    Where’s Robert been lately? A good question! The last few months I’ve been working for my company SMSMarshall Ltd, to produce a ConfigMgr related product, coded in C# using Visual Studio 2013, while trying to weave in day to day consultancy work, community activities, family, Baby boy arrived, friends, life. Man, Q1 and Q2 of 2014 really got crazy busy for me. I had the notion of controlling Management Point usage in...
    • Fri, Jun 13 2014

    Patch Tuesday–Some patches being reported as incompatible with OSD due to multiple reboots

    I’m seeing several sources reporting that there are a few patches in the latest Patch Tuesday cycle that are not compatible with OSD due to their requirement for multiple reboots. Keep an eye out, here’s a run down, the skinny, from Nash Pherson an ECM MVP colleague: http://myitforum.com/myitforumwp/2014/06/13/another-update-or-two-released-that-breaks-task-sequences-add-it-to-your-to-do-list/
    • Tue, Apr 22 2014

    ConfigMgr Inbox Monitor–Updated to V1.3

    Just finished up the latest revision to the ConfigMgr Inbox Monitor tool bringing it to V1.3. Here’s a shot of the slightly modified UI: There’s a big build up of files taking place there, silent but deadly, tool took mere moments to render this birds-eye view of your inboxes. Very nice. Download: ConfigMgr Inbox Monitor V1.3
    • Sun, Apr 20 2014

    WMUG Tweet chat - 15/04/204

    WMUG asked another fun question on Twitter last week, and here’s the conversation we all had, happy reading! Thanks to those involved for this question: @RobMVP, @PeterEgerton, @NickolajA, @matthewwhite,, @terencebeggs and @JasonSandys Cite a good reason for running a Hierarchy without Boundaries, please ignore assignment Peter : If you only have 1 DP? Robert : Interesting, yes that would be a use case! Pat on head! Peter...