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    • Wed, Nov 8 2006

    How to deal with telemarketers

    Brian Madsen linked this wickid MP3 recording from a US radio show of this guy winding up a telemarketer ... it had me in stitches! Awesome link Brian :>
    • Mon, Nov 6 2006

    ITForum - Barcelona

    ITForum, as usual Barcelona Spain between the 14 and 17th of November. Seems like the event is sold out already! However they are operating a waiting list for those lucky to grab a ticket freed up due to cancellation or an injection of additional tickets :> Gordon will be out there so don't forget to say hello!
    • Mon, Nov 6 2006

    James hits the FT!

    Many moons ago, while working for a rather large company ... I was in the same technical sand pit as James ... I remember that he was a very active chap indeed, and that he enjoyed participating in a variety of things, one of which was the Creationism v Evolution debate. Well it looks like he's managed to get himself in to print in the FT on the very same subject! Heres the link Way to go James! Rob