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    • Wed, Jan 31 2007

    Need a GFX (cartoon) artist

    I'm looking for a GFX artist who can render a proof-of-concept cartoon strip for me. It'd be purely voluntary work, but the concept is way cool and it'd attract many a hit and we'd make sure your name is put up in Hollywood style bright lights ;-) PM me if you are up for it! Rob
    • Wed, Jan 31 2007

    Hollywood OS

    This is probably not funny at all, but I reproduce here in case in makes you chuckle. Hollywood OS, don't you love it Fly says I saw White Noise 2 Fly says was quite good Rob says oki Rob says i watched Pulse last night, holy batman what a corny tech horror Rob says if your a geek these movies hurt with their inaccurate depictions ... demons that come out of mobile fones, ok Rob says i can just about download a...
    • Wed, Jan 31 2007

    Google videos

    Was having an MSN conversation last night with a friend, when he dropped in these two links: Richard Dawkins - The Virus of Faith If you're religious and not willing to accept any criticism or the mere mention of the word atheist turns you, then skip this link. Anyone else, its worth watching as Dawkins presents some good arguments and observations with interviews of various religious leaders. http://video...
    • Wed, Jan 31 2007

    Alex's Pictures

    Here's some pictures a friend took and put up on the web. Some amazing shots here. #
    • Wed, Jan 31 2007

    A day with the Traffic Police

    A friend send me this article he wrote, wherein he spends a day with a UK Traffic Officer in the City of London.
    • Wed, Jan 31 2007

    SMS2003 ITMU gets some lovin

    The SMS2003 ITMU Tool has been revised (30th Jan) Systems Management Server 2003 Inventory Tool for Microsoft Updates Revision 3 Article ID : 931506 Last Review : January 30, 2007 Revision : 2.1 INTRODUCTION This article describes the Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 Inventory Tool for Microsoft Updates (ITMU) Revision 3. The SMS 2003 ITMU Revision 3 was originally released on November 2, 2006. Additionally...
    • Sat, Jan 27 2007

    My fav shot from Chamonix

    Mr Pryce, toe'ing towards me! He's coming directly towards the camera, sliding towards the left of the shot. It took nerves of steel to keep my Canon 350D on him, i think he almost touched my board as he came passed! His is not in the shot, but at the speed he was going i'm glad to have captured this Taken at Le Tour, in the Chamonix Valley (France).
    • Sat, Jan 27 2007

    Intels new 45nm die production process

    These chips, they just get smaller and smaller! Bit-tech have a good review of the new 45nm technology process that Intel recently announced. And on a side-note, my brother Fred who works at Bit-tech, reviewed the Zalman HD135 HTPC Enclosure earlier this month, worth a read
    • Tue, Jan 23 2007

    Back from my holiday

    Just got back from the French Alps. Bit early in the season, and was a bit concerned that good old mother nature wasn't going to dump enough snow ... but in the end we found some cool red's in Le Tour and Le Houches. I'll put some pictures up on MyLifeOfTravel once i've got them off the camera and processed
    • Tue, Jan 23 2007

    SMS2003 Service Pack 3 Open Beta

    SMS2003 SP3 Beta was opened to the public on the 17th of Jan. A tad late but here is the link for you to play with it in a dev environment.
    • Wed, Jan 17 2007

    Blocking Unwanted Parasites with a Hosts File (MVPS)

    I've been using the HOSTS file from MVPS for a couple of years now, and its helped block a lot of junk activity during my WWW travels. If you've not seen it before, check it out here
    • Wed, Jan 17 2007

    Microsoft Messaging and Mobility User Group in the UK

    Nathan Winters from The MMUG group is organising a meeting at the MS SOHO office in London on Monday 26th February. Covering two topics, Powershell and Server Security for Exchange. Link Might try to attend this one, as Richard Siddaway from the UK PowerShell User Group will be there to show some of the wonders of PowerShell scripting.
    • Mon, Jan 8 2007

    SMS2003 and Publishing data to the Active Directory

    I wrote this article a while back. But Community Server doesn't have a true Article feature so I couldn't surface it easily. Anyways heres the link SMS2003 and Publishing data to the Active Directory I've read that some engineers have had a hard time in setting this up so that a global group can be used rather than specifying the Site servers computer account(s).
    • Sun, Jan 7 2007

    The Secret Life of Machines

    Found whole series (it seems) of The Secret Life of Machines Excerpt: Just how does a video recorder work? And how about fax machines, cars, washing machines, electric light, telephones, vacuum cleaners, and refrigerators? You'll find the answers here. This site is designed as a companion to the TV series 'The Secret Life Of Machines' written by Tim Hunkin, and presented by Tim Hunkin and Rex Garrod. Here...