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Was having an MSN conversation last night with a friend, when he dropped in these two links:

Richard Dawkins - The Virus of Faith

If you're religious and not willing to accept any criticism or the mere mention of the word atheist turns you, then skip this link.

Anyone else, its worth watching as Dawkins presents some good arguments and observations with interviews of various religious leaders.

Magic Weed - History of Marijuana

Hemp has been used for about 10,000 years according to this documentary. But for various reasons it's use has almost been completely banned in recent times. If this documentary is accurate, then its shocking how governments and religious organisations have restricted it's use. Some of the statistics are eye-opening. And it beggers belief, that we still use cotton when Hemp does not need pesticides to grow nor does it require as much land to produce the same quantities as it does to yield cotton. Worth watching.