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    • Wed, Feb 28 2007

    Jupiter flyby today for New Horizons; photo time capsule

    In 2006, The Planetary Society sponsored a worldwide contest, in conjunction with the New Horizons mission, to choose images for the New Horizons Digital Time Capsule -- a message sent from those who saw the spacecraft launch 13 months ago, to those who will inhabit Earth when the spacecraft arrives at Pluto. Fifty images submitted by people in 17 countries have been selected for that capsule, and New Horizons' encounter...
    • Wed, Feb 28 2007

    SMS2003 Advanced Client x64 Client information

    Handy KB article reference for the x64 version of the SMS2003 Advanced Client, for where it resides in the registry and the file system.
    • Thu, Feb 22 2007

    System Center Configuration Manager 2007 - Beta 2

    SMS V4 Beta 2 has been released for public review. You can bring down this 768MB bundle of joy via Connect: Download the build here :
    • Tue, Feb 20 2007

    Virtual Server 2007 and SQL2005 SP2 Released

    It's already old news, most technical blogs are spamming about this but as you all know, theres never enough spam to go around, thus i reproduce. SQL 2005 SP2 released Virtual PC 2007 goes RTM Credit where credit is due, i first noticed this info on Ken Schaefer's website . He has a lot of good postings on there so i'm going to add him to my blog links. Me thinks i'll play with Virtual Server 2007 tomorrow...
    • Tue, Feb 20 2007

    Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Images

    Amazing pictures of the martian landscape, detailing what seems to be evidence of fluid erosion . The scientists continue to unearth evidence that fluids once flowed across the surface of this planet. My ten cents worth ... of course it did! How on earth do you think the martian race of mutant sea monsters kept cool, and how would they have mixed their Margaritas if they didn't have water! Gosh those scientists sure...
    • Fri, Feb 16 2007

    Lunch time game mayhem!

    Check out these free web-based games from MySpizzle.NET
    • Thu, Feb 8 2007

    Windows Vista UAC

    This comes from the MVP RSS feed, so i've directly linked to the publishers blog, Stefan Krueger links to an article (by the Wndows Vista Blog team) about Vista's UAC dialog prompts. Whats interesting is that it gives you an insight in to how Vista manages UAC interactions with the user, and provides a method for automating these UAC interactions.
    • Mon, Feb 5 2007

    MSn from work

    A lot of my friends use this system eBuddy - Web and mobile messaging, for everyone everywhere
    • Sun, Feb 4 2007

    Windows Vista Boot Mechanism

    Some interesting info (and a fundamental change) on the boot process in Vista