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    • Mon, Mar 26 2007

    SMS2003 Third-party tool: SMS2003 Client Spy

    Roger Zandes SMS Client Spy tool , troubleshoot and manage SMS 2003 advanced clients (force inventory, show execution history, show running executions ..) I had a look at this, and it has to be just about the most comprehensive client tool around. It also comes with an automation DLL . Definately recommend a look, He's made several other tools, check out his profile on SourceForge for a list
    • Tue, Mar 20 2007

    Proof that Soft and Hard Piracy are not related?

    I found this on BoingBoing, a VERY good insight in to P2P and audio\video piracy. P2P is killing piracy A media pirate -- someone who sells pirated DVDs and CDs for a living -- complains that P2P has put him out of business. People might be willing to buy legit music online even though P2P exists (hence the iTunes Store, whose biggest business challenge isn't convincing people to shell out for tunes, but rather to...
    • Tue, Mar 20 2007

    SMS2003 Poll - How do you locate your next contract?

    I put a Poll up in the SMS2003 Forum about how you go looking for your next contract . I wanted to use the Poll feature of Community Server, but it will be insightful to see how you all vote on this one
    • Tue, Mar 20 2007

    SMS2003 - Whats fixed in SP2

    If you've not upgraded to SMS2003 SP2 yet then this is an interesting read on the issues fixed by SP2
    • Tue, Mar 13 2007

    Thomas Scott Kuebler - Sculptors

    These are the most amazing, life like, scary and interesting sculptors i've ever laid eyes on. Kudos to Tom .
    • Thu, Mar 1 2007

    The London Underground History

    I stumbled on to a google video about Ghosts on the London Underground system earlier today. It piqued my interest so i googled for any amateur sites carrying info on the London Underground, and came across this site run by Hywel Williams . There are tons of pictures he's collected of the rooms and areas inside some of the stations that have been closed for many decades. Hywel has a great 1929 map of the London tube...
    • Thu, Mar 1 2007

    Microsoft offering VHD files for product evaluation

    You can down a VHD and play with it in their virtualisation software Currently only these products seem to be available: Windows Server 2003 R2 Exchange Server 2007 SQL Server 2005