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    • Fri, Apr 27 2007

    Roger Zanders "SMS Client Spy" - English Documentation released

    Great news! Roger Zander's SMS2003 Client tools utility called " SMS Client Spy " now has english documentation . Myself and Sherry Kissinger put some time in to translating, so as to help describe the tools powerful features, and clarify some of the more obscure. If you haven't looked at this tool, then follow this link to install it from the web, or here to download the binary. The tool is laid out quite well...
    • Mon, Apr 23 2007

    Technet Virtual Labs: SMS2003 and MOM2005

    Technet host Virtual Labs for SMS2003 , where you can get your hands dirty performing a variety of administrative tasks. Here's the Virtual Labs for MOM2005 as well. If you have the time, and need to know about any of the subjects covered by these Virtual Labs then i'd recommend giving it a go.
    • Mon, Apr 23 2007

    SMS2003 Webcasts

    I thought I would put together a list of available Webcasts for SMS2003 and related components. This list is not comprehensive, just what was taken from the following page on the Technet website . Applying SMS Updates to an Advanced Client (Level 300) Best Practices: Security Update Management with Systems Management Server 2003 (Level 200) Choosing the Right Software Update Solution for You: SMS 2003 and Update...
    • Wed, Apr 18 2007

    Introducing Microsoft Tagspace

    I use quite a lot to make sites available across multiple systems, and to bookmark something I want to return to at a later date to finish up reading. It's quite a handy tool, and since I came across it i've hardly used my local favourites. Result, as my favs has grown out of control with a zillion entries and when i loose a system or rebuild it i sometimes loose all that info! Microsoft have a similiar...
    • Wed, Apr 18 2007

    The Architecture Journal

    Qoute from the MSDN page ... The Architecture Journal The Architecture Journal is an independent platform for free thinkers and practitioners of IT architecture. New editions are issued quarterly with articles designed to offer perspective, share knowledge, and help you learn the discipline and pursue the art of IT architecture. The Architecture Journal reaches over 30,000 subscribers worldwide. Click here to receive...
    • Fri, Apr 13 2007

    Troy Hurtubise - Full on body armour

    Holy Cow! I saw this guy making an anti-bear suit not more than a year or two ago, but now he's moved on to make a gobsmacking anti-almost-everything suit that is just so cool. It's loaded with so many gadgets you just have to laugh! A bit of background on the guy, out in the woods, attacked by a bear, faced-off and survived. This egged him on to develop and possibly return in full body armour for round 2 lol. Now...
    • Wed, Apr 11 2007

    Microsoft Management Summit (UK) - 1st May 2007

    Microsoft UK will be hosting the Summary of the best bits of MMS 2007 on the 1st of May. I'll be there, as will be Cliff Hobbs of FAQSHOP fame. At the end of the day we will be hosting a chalk and talk in one of the conference rooms to discuss what a UK community can do for you, and hopefully do a quick presentation on some SMS tools I use regularly that you might have overlooked or not had the chance to review\use...
    • Wed, Apr 11 2007

    Mark Russinovich - Inside the Windows Vista Kernel

    Any self-professed admin who's worth his salt knows who Mark Russinovich is, he joined forces with Microsoft in July 2006 , a union that can only help the community at large as he's closer to the code and inside the belly of the beast so to speak :> He's been a busy bee presenting for Microsoft, and getting his hands dirty in Vista. Here is a set of articles on the Windows Vista Kernel . Pure honey for any geek...