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    • Thu, Jun 28 2007

    How the mouse cursor works ...

    Had to laugh at this! The Japanese have finally revealed a mystery for you. Haven't you wondered how the arrow on your computer monitor works when we move the mouse? Now, through the miracle of high technology, we can see how it is done. With the aid of a screen-magnifying lens, the mechanism becomes apparent. Click on link below to find out. The image may take a minute to download. When it appears,...
    • Wed, Jun 27 2007

    How hard is it to remember this?!

    Aid Memoir for myself :> Example SMS CCR file structure, [NT Client Configuration Request] Machine Name=<JUSTDOIT> [IDENT] TYPE=Client Config Request File
    • Fri, Jun 22 2007

    Softgrid version gets bumped and given a new home ...

    Microsoft Softgrid version gets bumped up to 4.1 SP1, and there is a new website under the namespace for the product. Oh look! It sits under the System Center banner!
    • Wed, Jun 20 2007

    SMS2003 SP3 Webcast - Wally Mead

    Good webcast, seemed to be focused on people with no SP3 exposure to date. The webcast, I took away the following: The SMS2003 ICP packs for SP3 will be released at the end of this month SMS2003 SP3 now supports SQL2005 (RTM, sp1, sp2) Asset Intelligence is essentially a feature pack Current OSDFPU is supported on SMS2003 SP3 ITMU V3 supported on SMS2003 SP3 DMFPU supported by SMS2003 SP3 after...
    • Mon, Jun 18 2007

    Star Trek XI

    Cor another Trekky (XI) movie set for release 2008! Check out this WikiPedia link for the movie ...
    • Mon, Jun 18 2007

    OpMgr2007 Design Guide released

    Microsoft has just released the Operations Manager 2007 Design Guide to their download website. This is really worth the read. The paper has good information about sizing, especially hardware requirements versus number of agents, which can be a real pain point for your deployment, if sized too small. Download it here:
    • Thu, Jun 14 2007

    Starwars Celebration Europe

    To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars , Lucasfilm Ltd. and The Cards Inc. Group will throw Europe's largest Star Wars party ever! Taking over London's Earls Court Exhibition Centre for three days in July 2007, Star Wars Celebration Europe will be filled with live entertainment, celebrities from all six movies, special film and video presentations, an exhibit of movie props and costumes, exclusive merchandise...
    • Tue, Jun 12 2007

    Gordon Mckenna interviews Kelly Altom about Opmgr2007

    It's not a recent article , but makes for a good read. Gordon interviews Kelly Altom the Microsoft Group Program Manager for MOM and talks about MOM V3 (OpMgr2007)
    • Mon, Jun 11 2007

    System Center Trial Software

    Just noticed this link on the Microsoft Systems Center homepage for 90-120 day product evaluation yummyness, check it out here System Center Operations Manager 2007 Trial Software System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Beta 2 Software System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2006 Trial Software System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2007 Beta 2 Software System Center Essentials 2007 Trial Software...
    • Thu, Jun 7 2007

    System Center Service Manager Beta 1 released

    Folks, This product gets me well excited! I'm going to be spending a LOT of time looking at this puppy, and i'll try to wittle out some articles on what I discover along the way. System Center Service Manager - Beta 1 Features and functionality available for testing in this release: · Distributed install · Administration wizards for easy solution configuration · AD connection wizard · SMS 2003 SP3 connection...
    • Wed, Jun 6 2007

    Microsoft VHD Downloads

    More content available on the Microsoft VHD website. Check it out here You might not know, but you can swing back and forth between VMWare VMDK file format to Microsoft Virtual Server VHD format using the following tools: Virtual Server Migration Tool VMWare Converter You can also convert Physical machines in to Virtual machines as well as being able to create a Virtual machine from a Ghost 9 disk image...
    • Wed, Jun 6 2007

    UK User Groups meeting - 21st June 2007

    The folks at the UK User Groups are hosting an epic get-together of UK talent on the 21st June 2007, at the Microsoft Campus in Reading. It's called EVO Community day, and they will be presenting Exchange, Vista and Office amongst many other subjects. You can book for the day here , Good luck with it guys,
    • Wed, Jun 6 2007

    Notice the date? - Part 2

    Noticed that today is the day of Beelzebub? 6 6 6 baby! 06 06 06, even in UK\US format it translates to 666! Right i'll get the lamb, just need a few robes and we'll bring on the second coming! ---- How many of you actually realised it's 2007 ? Ok already! it was a joke ;-) just have to wait another 999 years and this ones ripe for a rerun, but wait 999 upside down is 666 how freaky is that!
    • Tue, Jun 5 2007

    SMS2003: Problem with Installing SMS2003 AdvCli from SMS2003 Secondary Site server

    This problem is probably documented somewhere, I stumbled in to it recently in a production environment and thought i'd write about it! We have a custom executable that clients run at logon, that pretty much emulates CAPINST.EXE. It determines from the SLP which Site the client should assign too based on it's current IP Subnet, and generates a CCR which it deposits on to the selected Site server. This is great, its...