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    • Tue, Jul 31 2007

    Microsoft Technet Magazine - August 2007 published on web

    Microsoft Technet Magazine - August 2007 published on web You can have a read online before the paper copies are sent out:
    • Fri, Jul 27 2007

    Book review: SMS 2003 Recipes

    SMS 2003 Recipes by Greg Ramsey and Warren Byle As always, a long way behind the rest of pack on this one. The books been out for several months but I just picked it up, and thought i'd write up a quick review here. Each chapter is neatly devoted to a particular function of SMS. The chapters are: Getting Started SMS Site Administration Collections Packages\Programs Advertisements Software...
    • Wed, Jul 25 2007

    System Center Configuration Manager (aka SMS V4) is now Release Candidate

    The Microsoft SMS homepage is touting the RC for SMS V4 (build 5831) System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Release Candidate Now Available Release Candidate (RC) 1 of the next release of Systems Management Server (SMS), entitled System Center Configuration Manager 2007, is now available for download. With major investments in simplicity, configuration, deployment and security, Configuration Manager 2007 dramatically...
    • Mon, Jul 23 2007

    Games influencing Hardware upgrades

    I bought Lost Planet: Extreme Condition via Steam on the weekend. The game is 3rd person, which goes against my jump-jump-strafe-shoot-die-respawn 1st person philosophy, but heck the game just looks awesome and I did have a go of the demo on the Xbox 360 a few months back. I may be wrong about the following figures, I estimated them from a Steam dialog that popped up about how much disk space is necessary for the game...
    • Thu, Jul 19 2007

    Crazy dialog!

    This dialog from an Oracle application is just insane!!!!
    • Thu, Jul 19 2007

    Looking for true randomness?

    My pursuit of purely random subjects has reached it's climax ... Those clever boffins out there have managed to produce a 'true' random number generator that relies on " the unpredictable quantum process of photon emission " Oh, and registering with the website is a bit painful unless you have a good mastery of mathematics. The registration confirmation code is a complex mathematical equation, some boffins idea of...
    • Thu, Jul 12 2007

    DDD5 at Microsoft TVP - Podcast

    The Post-DDD5* podcast has hit the streets: Interviews with Phil, John, Andy and some of the delegates that attended the event. Lots of info out there for DDD5, This is well worth listening too folks! * Developer Developer Developer!
    • Tue, Jul 10 2007

    Mapping you're SMS2003 Environment

    Found this handy article in the July 2007 edition of Technet Magazine, describing an excellent Hierarchy mapping tool written up by Jeff Tondt. Qoute: A picture is worth a thousand words. This familiar proverb refers to the idea that complex stories can be told with just a single image, or that an image can be more influential than even a substantial amount of text. It also aptly characterizes the goals of visualization...
    • Tue, Jul 10 2007

    SMS2003 Service Pack 1/2/3 - Hotfixes

    I was trawling for all the SMS2003 Hotfixes that have been released, pulled the info together and thought it'd be handy to paste as a Blogicle. Yes, i've made up yet another word! Collapsing Blog and Article in to a perfectly formed combination of letters! Give it a few years and this will enter the Oxford Dictionary alongside Google, Blog and Chav! SMS2003 SP3 Fixes