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    • Tue, Aug 28 2007

    Hackers @ Microsoft ... New blog

    Interesting new blog propped up by MSDN ... Think we're going to get bloggage from the Hack0rs that work for M1cr0s0ft ;-) Worth bookmarking and keeping an eye on this one.
    • Tue, Aug 28 2007

    System Center Configuration Manager 2007 (what a mouthful!) goes RTM!!!

    SCCM2007 is now RTM! Wow, cannot wait to start administrating this product in production. Happy days! Rather than redo what's out there, I might as well link straight back to Rod Trents posting that qoutes Bill Anderson
    • Wed, Aug 22 2007

    SMS2003: Elegent but Brutal solution to a rogue SMS Site server!

    Here's a scenario, which most of you will hopefully NEVER encounter! You're SMS environment is both centrally and locally managed. You have SMS Administrators at the top tier watering the hierarchy, making sure it's all green-lighted and healthy. You have admins at some of the down-level sites maintaining their sites health Now say that the Centralised support model is rejected by the local site, but they...
    • Wed, Aug 22 2007

    Vista Battery life - Cool app from Microsofts CodePlex

    I stumbled in to this on my travels. A tool that helps save battery power in Vista . Not tried this, will install it later tonight but thought i'd link it as a cool new tool.
    • Mon, Aug 20 2007

    Vista Squad next meeting on 6th September - Venue London

    Heads up!!! The Vista Squad are having their next meeting on the 6th of September, in London. They have Mike Taulty and Stephen Lamb presenting, so should be a really cool meeting! The location will be: Microsoft London (Cardinal Place), 100 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 5JL. And here is the Agenda: 6:30pm –...
    • Fri, Aug 17 2007

    SMS2003: Managing SMS Status Filter Rules

    Today I had to deal with Status Filter Rules on multiple SMS2003 Primary site servers that where being wiped and replaced by an OS Patch. The OS patch is being rolled out across the corporation, it shouldn't touch SMS but it does, every company has it's quirks ;-) And, as a result, I am starting to see sites not returning any status messages due to the OS patch tweaking the Status Filter Rules. I wasn't looking...
    • Thu, Aug 16 2007

    Using Outlook with connector to read Hotmail or Live mailbox

    Handy blog about using MS Outlook to get access to you're Windows Live\Hotmail inbox
    • Mon, Aug 6 2007

    Interview with street gang researcher

    Freakonomics interviewed Sudhir Venkatesh, a professor of sociology at Columbia University about his research into street gang life. He has a book coming out in 2008, called Gang Leader for a Day . Q: How do gang members see themselves as fitting in with society at large? Do gang members have a real comprehension that the things they do — dealing drugs, engaging in violence, destroying property, scaring people — are...
    • Thu, Aug 2 2007

    SMS2003: Published another VBscript to do mundane things

    I wrote a quick script to generate RDP session shortcuts to all my SMS Site servers. And i've uploaded it here for general consumption I tend to generate the RDP sessions once in a while, to cover any new\removed SMS Site servers, put them on a network share somewhere then shortcut the folder back to my Start Menu so it expands out when I hover out it. Makes it easy to launch RDP sessions. You can find the file...