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    • Sun, Sep 30 2007

    Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

    Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Wow what a game, a perfect blend between the world of Quake and the RTS\FPS fusions that Battlefield 1942 spawned. The graphics are amazing considering my hardware and whats happening on-screen, its a true testament to what the I.D Quakers can pull off. The network code is pretty much perfect (for me), hardly any noticable lag or sudden world-snap catch-ups taking place. The smoothness of both...
    • Sun, Sep 30 2007

    WMUG - System Center Configuration\Operations Manager presentation

    Hey there, Our first WMUG meeting has been confirmed, and we're busy putting together some good content for you! I'm especially looking forward to the day, as the first meet will be in the newly refurbished MS office at Cardinal Place, London . If you're interested in a unbiased and technical comparison of SMS2003 and System Centre Configuration Manager (being put together by me, Dave and Cliff) or a really...
    • Sun, Sep 23 2007

    WMUG upgrading to Community Server 2007

    Folks, We're about to migrate the entire WMUG site to a new host, and upgrade to the latest release of Community Server, CS2007. This should be finished by the end of this week (23rd September), and going forward we're going to put in a lot of time reskinning, and enabling some add-ons to the site. Stay tuned. Once we're done with the site upgrade it will look noticably different, and we'll have an announcement...
    • Sun, Sep 23 2007

    System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Eval

    SMS V4, aka SCCM2007, was released without much fanfare on Friday 24th August. You can eval the product here . I'm not too impressed with the release of SCCM2007. I'm a member of several distlists, even on the SCCM Beta, and yet I didn't get a single email announcing the release of the product. It just seemed to appear on the scene and was propped up on the MS SMS Site on Friday without much noise being...