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    • Fri, Nov 23 2007

    Embedded Videos

    Guy and cow at it with kung fu moves! First IT Guy A test of wikipedia link [wikipedia:London] for London
    • Thu, Nov 22 2007

    Failure to install SMS2003 Management Point

    Ok finally figured out the solution to a problem with installing MP's that's been bugging me the last couple of days. Essentially It revolves around the SMS2003 Advanced Client not behaving itself. I've got a couple of SMS2003 RTM sites that have problems reinstalling their MP. The MP was installed first followed by the SMS2003 Advanced Client. Initially the MP went on OK, but after removing due to it failing...
    • Wed, Nov 21 2007

    System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Product Feature Quizzes

    Steven Bink just blogged about this, thought it is worth reposting here: System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Product Feature Quizzes Overview The System Center Configuration Manager 2007 User Assistance team has created a set of quizzes to help you assess your understanding of the dependencies and requirements for key features of Configuration Manager. These quizzes are intended to raise your level of awareness...
    • Fri, Nov 16 2007

    Microsoft setting forward on a project to back up your BRAIN!

    There is a MyLifeBits Project on the Microsoft Research website thats very very interesting! They haven't developed a brain-interface yet, but once the Microsoft Surface project is fully out the door expect Bord-type implants to be included in the retail box for MyLifeBits!!! MyLifeBits is a lifetime store of everything . It is the fulfillment of Vannevar Bush's 1945 Memex vision including...
    • Thu, Nov 15 2007

    Interview: The MS System Center Product Teams

    Members! We have a great opportunity to put together questions for the Microsoft System Center Product Teams, that will form the basis of a series of Interviews over the coming months. It would be great to get some questions put together that come from the Community itself, rather than just ones the WMUG team can generate. It would be really cool if any of you can think up some good questions that we can put...
    • Wed, Nov 14 2007

    Windows 7 wish-list leaked from MS?

    A link to an article provided by Triston McIntyre outlines some of the features users have been requesting The full list is featured at NeoWin here : though the list is quite extensive and references both features users would like to see in the next iteration of Windows, it also documents the gripes and complaints with the current systems, according to Engadget . Worth a read, but as was said on /. Given...
    • Tue, Nov 13 2007

    The Sea of Change - The great Purge

    Heads up people! We're about to start deleting all BOT created user accounts that where registered here on the WMUG site over the last year and a bit. If we happen to delete any accounts that are used by active members, then we apologise in advance, and ask you to re-register. No content will be lost as it is being assigned to the anonymous user, and if you give us a shout we can reassign the content to your...
    • Tue, Nov 13 2007

    System Center Config Manager R2 - Summer 2008

    Heads up from on SCCM2007 R2 System Center Config Manager R2, next year: New features include Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 integration, and OS deploy multicast support. I wonder if SCCM2007 SP1 will include the features integrated in to SCCM2007 R2? They should converge. Me, well i'm personally opposed to code-forking...
    • Fri, Nov 9 2007

    Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

    Sheer Genius! Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Show your belief by eating pasta, changing your wallpaper to FSM and call yourself a true Pastafarian !
    • Wed, Nov 7 2007

    Remove User\Group from Local Group on a machine and add a domain User or Group

    Wrote another script, this one will look for a user\group in a specified local group on a machine, remove it, then insert a User or Group. Handy if you want to remove GroupX and replace it with GroupY, or remove a user and replace with a group, works in any combination. If you use this, test test test as I wrote it over a lunchbreak and did enough testing to see it worked well enough and returned the goods Here's...
    • Mon, Nov 5 2007

    More left-handedness Left-handed people can think quicker when carrying out tasks such as playing computer games or playing sport, say Australian researchers. No wonder i'm great at on-line twitch games!