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    • Tue, Dec 18 2007

    Xmas is here!

    Happy Xmas folks! I'll be in sunny prague over the Xmas break, enjoying lots of Snow hopefully, and the delights of a half-frozen city! I wonder if i'll regret not buying thermal underwear lol! Cya in [wikipedia:2008], we're planning to host another meet in Jan so stay tuned. Here's a little Xmas cheer coming straight at ya all the way from Japan [Kind of NSFW]
    • Sat, Dec 8 2007


    When you got some downtime, check out these two cool games < - Scored 23,600 < - Scored 1,102 Post your scores in the comments if your up for a challenge And Winston below, what skills
    • Thu, Dec 6 2007


    Stack of funny stick men cartoons over here >.< One of my fav's below!