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    • Thu, Jan 24 2008

    Holiday Time!

    First hot holiday of the year just around the corner! I'm almost packed, for a 7 day holiday to the Maldives. We fly this Sunday, with 12 a hour flight ahead of us. We leave late at night, so we should be able to get a good few hours of snoozing in before we have to grind our way through the in-flight movies, read books and generally idle the time away. Once we arrive we'll be flown via a sea-plane to the island...
    • Wed, Jan 9 2008

    SnowSoftware - Snow License Manager for SMS

    Rod Trent over at MyITForum blogged about this , looks like quite a cool tool so wanted to reblog here. Snow License Manager automatically combines infrastructure information provided by Microsoft SMS® with information such as software contracts, purchased licenses, ownership, and prices. Snow License Manager ensures central control of all your contracts and software licenses as well as enables you to track...
    • Sun, Jan 6 2008

    UK Immobilise website - Safeguard Your Possessions With Immobilise

    This looks handy, has anyone registered and used this system? Immobilise is the home of the UK National Property Register and Recovery Service. It is trusted by over 17 million UK subscribers who have registered over 22 million items of property. It is also endorsed by all 43 UK Police forces who search it via The NMPR and by the UK Second Hand Trade who search it via CheckMEND . Immobilise is checked over...
    • Sun, Jan 6 2008

    Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP) Documentation online

    Folks, Microsoft Technet are hosting a page loaded with Windows Vista SP1 documentation You've got deployment guides , Notable changes , bundled hotfixes and Release Notes to peruse at your leisure I've been running vista on a new Asus G1S laptop for several months now. I have to admit, i'm not a Vista fan really. I'd consider myself unique in my likes and dislikes of an Operating System, and...
    • Wed, Jan 2 2008

    Rambo is Back!

    OMG Yes [WIKIPEDIA:Rambo] has come out of retirement and hits our screens Jan 2008! Man, he still looks mean even though he's in to his 50's!
    • Wed, Jan 2 2008

    Leading surveillance societies in the EU and the World 2007

    Great read for the bored, or for anyone that feels paranoid and needs to know if they are in a country that watches its civilians like a hawk! The 2007 International Privacy Ranking On the Global map from the link above, the colour legend is Black - Endemic Surveillance society (bad bad bad!) Light blue - Consistently upholds human rights standards (good good good!) Guess the Swedish are leading in protecting...
    • Wed, Jan 2 2008

    Microsoft Technet On the Road - London venue - Jan 15th 2008

    If you live in the London area, or can easily commute in; then might be worth making some time to attend the day-long Microsoft event taking place, to promote the System Center range of products * System Center: Manage your core infrastructure from De sktop to Datacenter 15 January 2008 09:15 - 15 January 2008 16:45 GMT, London Welcome Time: 08:30 Event Overview A new style of launch event from Microsoft – multiple...