Holiday Time!

First hot holiday of the year just around the corner!

I'm almost packed, for a 7 day holiday to the Maldives. We fly this Sunday, with 12 a hour flight ahead of us. We leave late at night, so we should be able to get a good few hours of snoozing in before we have to grind our way through the in-flight movies, read books and generally idle the time away. Once we arrive we'll be flown via a sea-plane to the island itself. Cannot wait!

We'll be staying on an island called Meedhupparu (aka The Island that someone saw) [WIKIPEDIA:Meedhupparu] which is in the Raa\Baa atols (pretty much in the north section of the Maldives). You can walk around the entire island in 30 minutes LOL!

Here's a video to feast your eyes on, so you glow with envy hehe:

7 days may not be enough time, it's all I could take off work at the moment, so we'll be trying to squeeze in as much beach time as possible, with trips across to other islands and POI's, along of course, with some [WIKIPEDIA:Scuba] diving!

There is great diving to be had around the Raa\Baa atoll, and my good friend Mr Scambler ([WIKIPEDIA:Bsac] diver) egged me on to get trained up so I could do some cool diving out there. I found a local dive club, and just finished the first half of a [WIKIPEDIA:PADI] Open water Diver Referral course ... 2 dives in a pool here, and 4 dives in open water once I arrive on the island. Scuba diving is so much fun, getting the basics, and understanding theory has been great. But, the real fun is yet to start!

We cannot wait to check out Manta's, every-colour-you-can-imagine fish, coral, and hopefully a few (friendly!) sharks!

When I get back, i'll be sure to upload the pics somewhere and link from here.