Holiday all over ...

Well, pretty much back in to my routine with the Maldives (Meedhupparu) becoming more and more of a distant memory ... Such an amazing holiday. No internet for 7 whole days, no newspapers or TV. Just dedicated to chilling out, diving, eating, suntanning and snorkelling. I'd go again right now if I could organise the time off!

It was a small island, not many people around, almost white sand with water warmer than that in the Infinity pool.

Here's some of favourite pictures (out of 500+ taken!)

 (for some reason these coral shots are not rendering properly, you need to submerge and view these underwater maybe? will try fixing later)

And finally, me underwater (taken by my girlfriend, who has amazing underwater photography skills!)

Got some up and coming reviews to finish off and some more content for WMUG. Stay tuned.