What are the 14 greatest engineering challenges for the 21st century?

Interesting article on the 14 greatest engineering challenges of the 21st Century

Wonder how many of these will be put on the back-burner for the 22nd Century Smile

Secure Cyberspace sounds ominious ...

Bring on that Virtual Reality! Talking of which I tried a set of these VR goggles a few weeks back. Did not rate them Sad Felt like a raw version 1, not sharp, didn't fit correctly and could imagine my eyes becoming strained while trying to focus on the image. The focus problem was perhaps due to the product not fitting me right. At the same time I was looking at a Dive watch, but had to get on a plane and gave up on my duty free gadget bonanza Big Smile

 * Make solar energy affordable

* Provide energy from fusion

* Develop carbon sequestration methods

* Manage the nitrogen cycle

* Provide access to clean water

* Restore and improve urban infrastructure

* Advance health informatics

* Engineer better medicines

* Reverse-engineer the brain

* Prevent nuclear terror

* Secure cyberspace

* Enhance virtual reality

* Advance personalized learning

* Engineer the tools for scientific discovery

 Source: Slashdot.org