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    • Tue, Apr 15 2008

    SMS2003 - How to easily create reports - For reporting first-timers and the like

    I was pondering (like you do) how accessible report creation is in SMS2003. It requires a few skills to be under-your-belt (SQL, SQL tools, areas in SMS) before you can master this subject enough to produce quality reports. And, well I was taught (back when I was a padawan, I eventually killed my master in true Star Wars Sith Lord fashion while he slept after a heavy nights SMS2003 SP3 troubleshooting, the old fool...
    • Tue, Apr 1 2008

    SMS2003, creating an Advertisement with a single assignment

    A collegue of mine spent hours researching how to create a simple advertisement assignment. He was using the SDK in VBScript and was frustrated at the lack of easy-to-digest information out there. He'd arrived at MSDN, Technet, poured over the SMS2003 SDK help file and even googled around. He almost had the problem solved when he came across references (via google books) to "SMS2003 Recipes". Unfortunately he just couldn...