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    • Wed, May 14 2008

    WMUG Event - 12th May - Microsoft Reading Campus

    Yesterday evening, the latest WMUG event took place at the Microsoft Reading Campus. We had a great turnout, lots of questions asked of the MS Speaker (Paul Collins) who overviewed the System Center product range, and Gordon Mckenna who as usual, spent most of the Recap of MMS 2008 allocated time talking about Operations Manager! Unfortunately, David Scambler, who was going to shore up this discrepancy by talking about...
    • Wed, May 14 2008

    WorldWide Telescope

    Well, Cliff Hobbs has beat me to the post on the announcement that HP have snapped up EDS. Fair enough, considering Cliff works at EDS; It would have felt bad stealing his thunder so to speak ;-) So instead here's something I found today, Microsoft Launches WorldWide Telescope Sourced from SlashDot: WorldWide Telescope , developed by Microsoft's research arm, knits together images from the Hubble Space...
    • Thu, May 8 2008

    Amazing data recovery of Columbia HDD

    Data Recovered From Space Shuttle Columbia HDD More pictures of the HDD's with the platters showing ;-) Good news around a sad subject. But an amazing data recovery that led to completion of a physics experiment. This may be showing up on MyITForum now, so, howdy and I hope as I blog I hit a subject that interests you :-)
    • Wed, May 7 2008

    Review of Snowsoft Snow Inventory tool

    This review has been moved to the followig location: Review of Snowsoft Snow Inventory tool