WMUG Event - 12th May - Microsoft Reading Campus

Yesterday evening, the latest WMUG event took place at the Microsoft Reading Campus.

We had a great turnout, lots of questions asked of the MS Speaker (Paul Collins) who overviewed the System Center product range, and Gordon Mckenna who as usual, spent most of the Recap of MMS 2008 allocated time talking about Operations Manager!Unfortunately, David Scambler, who was going to shore up this discrepancy by talking about the best product in the System Center range, Configuration Manager, had to leave urgently for family reasons just before he was expected to get up and present. Oh well, at the next event we'll throttle Gordon back (quota of 2000 words or less? hehe!) and give you the real-deal on Configuration Manager.

We had some great feedback about what kind future content you want to see at the next event. Some even ventured the idea of presenting a subject ;-) You know who you are! This is entirely possible as our goal is to get the community communicating with the community (I like that sound bite!).
Soon we'll be putting up Polls on the website, to enable us to provide you with the ability to directly shape the content of the next event. Worth noting, that at our future meetings we'll be aiming to get VM's configured and setup in a Lab area, as well as using them as part of a presentation so that as we discuss things we can demonstrate the point being made or highlighted.The great thing about WMUG is that's it's completely open to influence by the Community, and we were all very impressed with the turnout, the questions asked and the interest you all expressed.Again thanks to all that attended, for taking the time out to turn up, it was a real pleasure to meet up and talk.

Keep an eye peeled, we'll announce our next event very soon and begin polling to shape the content!