June, 2008

About Robs Blog

I'm Robert Marshall, director and principle consultant at SMSMarshall Ltd, who's specialism is in the Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager product and all of its dependent products, covering all aspects from Architecture, Implementation, Migration to Break-Fix.

I've been in front of computers for over 30 years now, with my roots in programming 8 bit computers, I've taken an often exciting journey which has led to becoming an expert in an enterprise product. I consider my career as starting 17 years ago, when I began my first serious role as a deployment engineer. I've seen 8 bit through to 64 bit, the rise and refinement of the interface we take for granted now, the rise of the Internet from land-line based modem access for the few, to the powerful broadband connections we have today for the masses, I saw mobile phones come into existence, and I've seen Microsoft evolve from more than a handful of employees to the company it is now, while pretty much tinkering with every OS they have released, as well as seeing an industry that has evolved around those humble beginnings to become what we have today. I'm a keen technical puzzle solver, I love to solve gnarly problems around my area of specialism. And, I love to share when I have time. I hope you enjoy the blog.


  • Configuration Manager 2007 SDK (V4.0) - Part 2

    Doh, had to correct a URL in my previous post The Configuration Manager 2007 SDK link on http://www.microsoft.com/smserver/default.mspx is still pointing at an invalid address ... pinged customer services to let them know, but doubt i'm the first...
  • Configuration Manager 2007 SDK (V4.0)

    I noticed that the Configuration Manager SDK link that is shown on www.microsoft.com/smserver is turning up a page not found, it points to http://mscompub/dmt/dialogs/preview/preview.aspx?d=preview&user=deniselr&familyid=064a995f-ef13-4200-81ad...
  • Microsoft Team - In the 70's

    Classic, check out Bill Gates and his homies back in the 70's , contrasted with a picture of them now (2008) With Bill taking the Microsoft off-ramp, and heading off in to the sunset over a 2 year period, Microsoft will definately become a different...
  • SCCM2007 - Exam

    I passed the 70-401 - Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 exam yesterday (13th June 2008). Wasn't as easy as the SMS2003 exam I have to admit. But, I passed with a score high enough to make me buzz all day. I found some of the questions...
  • Jeff Hawkins: More of ...

    I recently posted about Jeff Hawkins , and I got a comment back from Ginger Campbell from the Brain science podcast website , pointing me at a recent interview he did with Jeff. Thanks for showing me this Ginger. Episode 38 of the Brain Science Podcast...
  • WMUG Site Poll: SCCM in Mixed or Native mode

    I've just put up a poll on the WMUG website, i'm trying to gauge how many people will go for a Native mode implementation of SCCM. WMUG SCCM Mixed or Native mode Poll Apologies but the site is not setup for anonymous posting (spambots and...
  • o2 - iPhone deals

    Now that the iPhone 2.0 (3G) has been announced, the UK o2 network are texting their iPhone customers about the arrival of the iPhone 2.0 and the packages they are offering . Good news for existing higher-tariff iPhone customers, the upgrade is free...
  • 3G Iphone announced @ WWDC 2008

    iPhone 3G (and GPS!) confirmed by Jobs at WWDC 2008
  • Jobs and his Phones

    The sold out Worldwide Developer Conference kicks off today, with a key note presentation from the CEO Steve Jobs. Rumour has it that Jobs will be announcing the next generation iPhone . I'm interested but not driven by this to be honest. The iPhone...
  • Jeff Hawkins: Brain science is about to fundamentally change computing

    Jeff Hawkins covers a lot in this 20 minute video, defining a brain theory that's easy to understand and, in my opinion, the most interesting rendition of how the brain functions that i've ever heard. He defines us as Prediction Machines, check...