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    • Wed, Jul 23 2008

    VMWare countering?

    Article up on The Register about VMWare Cut through all the fancy figures, and diatribe and you get to what I think is the tucked away jewel in this story (for VMWare) ... ESXi (the light-weight version) will be free at the next release. And, what's the odds that the ESXi light-weight version will compare feature for feature with Hyper-V? Be interesting...
    • Mon, Jul 21 2008

    Configuration Manager 2007 - Native Mode - IBCM support

    Guys, Looking to share knowledge with anyone that has implemented IBCM for Configuration Manager 2007. Get in touch if you want to bounce ideas around and learn from each other (yes you guessed, initially i'm looking for someone that has been through the pain barrier so I can glean some tips, as well as share what I find that's not documented). I'll post links to sutff I find on the subject in the ConfigMgr...
    • Mon, Jul 21 2008

    Looking for a UK based ConfigMgr admin

    Isn't it funny, as that saying goes, you wait around for a bus and three come along at once. Well I've not been waiting for a bus, instead I've been waiting around for some exceptional ConfigMgr projects to get stuck in too. I'm taken care of now, but wonder if there are any UK ConfigMgr consultants\contractors out there that are twiddling their thumbs (out of work). If you or anyone that you may know...
    • Mon, Jul 21 2008

    WMUG Event on the 15th of July 2008

    I just cannot believe it was only last Tuesday that we had the WMUG meeting take place. The days since just seem to have slide by, with hardly a chance to come up for air and jump on to the WMUG site. A big thank you to all that attended. A good time was had by all it seems, with great feedback on what you want to do at these events. We had (for us) an amazing turn out of over 14 people, mostly OpMgr folk i'm afraid...