Configuration Manager 2007 - Native Mode - IBCM support


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Configuration Manager 2007 - Native Mode - IBCM support

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Looking to share knowledge with anyone that has implemented IBCM for Configuration Manager 2007. Get in touch if you want to bounce ideas around and learn from each other (yes you guessed, initially i'm looking for someone that has been through the pain barrier so I can glean some tips, as well as share what I find that's not documented). I'll post links to sutff I find on the subject in the ConfigMgr IBCM group.

I'll create a group on the WMUG website, the threaded chat, blog and Media available using a group shoudl help us share :>



  • Carol Bailey (Microsoft) has a good article on it...

  • Thanks for the link Rod. I've spent a fair amount of time reading Carols blog, and her replies to problems in the Technet forum as well as the Document Library. She certainly is helpful and knows her stuff.

    Be interesting to start seeing real world experiences ...