WMUG Event on the 15th of July 2008

I just cannot believe it was only last Tuesday that we had the WMUG meeting take place. The days since just seem to have slide by, with hardly a chance to come up for air and jump on to the WMUG site.

A big thank you to all that attended. A good time was had by all it seems, with great feedback on what you want to do at these events. We had (for us) an amazing turn out of over 14 people, mostly OpMgr folk i'm afraid, so my OSD demo fell on the wrong crowd :<

We're all looking forward to the next meeting, and we're listening to you all and will try to get a vendor in, as well as organise one of you to attend and speak at the event. Soon we'll be hosting some polls to divine what technologies within the System Center product family you want to see, and we'll try to manage it so that we highlight and make available features of a specific product (OSD, IBCM, DCM et al) for you all to vote on. So essentially your votes will decide what we'll be doing at the next event!

Another thank you to Ed Alrdich, who was in the UK for a week, for dropping in and mingling.

Thanks again! And looking forward to seeing you at the next event.