January, 2009

About Robs Blog

I'm Robert Marshall, director and principle consultant at SMSMarshall Ltd, who's specialism is in the Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager product and all of its dependent products, covering all aspects from Architecture, Implementation, Migration to Break-Fix.

I've been in front of computers for over 30 years now, with my roots in programming 8 bit computers, I've taken an often exciting journey which has led to becoming an expert in an enterprise product. I consider my career as starting 17 years ago, when I began my first serious role as a deployment engineer. I've seen 8 bit through to 64 bit, the rise and refinement of the interface we take for granted now, the rise of the Internet from land-line based modem access for the few, to the powerful broadband connections we have today for the masses, I saw mobile phones come into existence, and I've seen Microsoft evolve from more than a handful of employees to the company it is now, while pretty much tinkering with every OS they have released, as well as seeing an industry that has evolved around those humble beginnings to become what we have today. I'm a keen technical puzzle solver, I love to solve gnarly problems around my area of specialism. And, I love to share when I have time. I hope you enjoy the blog.


  • UK Proposes Broadband Expansion, Plus a Music and Film Tax on Friday January 30, @03:11AM

    Just have to repost from Slashdot as they sum this up perfectly. "First the tech illiterates in the UK government want to extend broadband internet connections to every home, whether it makes sense or not, then at the same time they propose a...
  • Extreme Ironing record changes hands!

    Had to laugh when I saw this pop up in the news . 128 (a symbolic computing number!) divers did some extreme underwater ironing at around 15-20meters, to snatch the world record from the australians! What a sport, lol, insane but so funny seeing...
  • WMUG Event: 31st October 2008 - Presentation Media now available

    We managed to get the Video and Slide-decks from the 31st of October 2008 event on to the WMUG website. The event was presented by none other than Wally Mead, on the subjects of Configuration Manager 2007 Site and Client deployment, and included an overview...
  • MS08-067 worm spreading like wildfire due to?

    From the BBC News website : "Microsoft did a good job of updating people's home computers, but the virus continues to infect business who have ignored the patch update." Am struggling to understand why businesses are holding out? Oh...
  • 4 weeks and McKinnon will know if he's being taken to the USA for Cyber-terrorism charges

    Garry Mckinnon, who I've blogged about here and here , has to sit tight for 4 more weeks before knowing if he's going to be extradited to the USA for Cyber-Crimes. Just to recap, this is a guy who has Asperger's Syndrome (confirmed), who...
  • SCCM 64-Bit WoWness

    Jim Wightman's blog posting on SCCM not natively being a 64-bit app has been on my mind for a while now. I'd like to wave a wand and magic up a 64-bit version of the production today, so that we can leverage even more performance out of the OS...
  • Steve Jobs - Head of Apple just needs his Hormone software patched

    Glad to hear that they have identified Steve Jobs illness, and can treat him. Apple's Jobs admits poor health Apple chief executive Steve Jobs is being treated for a "hormone...
  • Better news? Microsoft Plans Cost Cuts, But Huge Layoffs Unlikely

    Found this on the CNBC website ... far more promising news than what's been coming out of the rumour mill so far! Microsoft will embark on a significant cost-cutting initiative in 2009, which might begin as early as this month, to offset a...
  • Rumour no more - Microsoft intending to lay off 17% of employees

    I've been following this since mid-december, but I did not want to blog about it pre-xmas\new year as it's a slug of bad news no MS employees wants to see. However, it's now internally (but not publically) been announced according to several...
  • Rob is now a Configuration Manager MVP!

    My email check on Jan 1st 2009 resulted in quite a surprise, with an email confirming that I am now an ... MVP! Dear Rob Marshall, Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2009 Microsoft® MVP Award! This award is given to exceptional...