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    • Thu, Apr 30 2009

    MMS and Wolfram Alpha

    Lots of folk posting about MMS, some great stuff happening in the ConfigMgr space, cannot wait for the beta :> Also, I cannot way for this to launch ... new search engine toy, woohoo! May time!
    • Mon, Apr 27 2009

    Replaced my Mountain Bike

    Bought this puppy on the weekend: Rides nice ... lightweight, disc braking system, it responded well by soaking up a lot of feedback from the trail\road. Was actually really easy to navigate around at slow speeds rather than stalling and getting too twitchy like my old heavy framed bike did (which rode on hut off in to the big bike yard...
    • Sun, Apr 26 2009

    Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition - Facing off with Star Trek

    Another "worth a read link"! Bit of Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition face mining from 67 Star Trek episodes ... you can see the face recognition in action with a clip from that classic Star Trek episode " from Where No Man Has Gone Before " Looks like they are getting that tech real tight, was cool watching the software adjusting the bounding boxes around Kirk and Spocks face as they shifted about...
    • Sun, Apr 26 2009

    Bit of Bill

    Got a couple of links for my "worth a read" list on Our Lad Bill (sourced ./ ) Bill Gates the younger's growing pains from no other than Bill Gates Sr, and some photos from the Gates family album on the Wall Street Journal website.
    • Wed, Apr 22 2009

    World Digital Library

    Stumbled upon this earlier, if you love reading ancient history, right up your street ... Mission The World Digital Library (WDL) makes available on the Internet, free of charge and in multilingual format, significant primary materials from countries and cultures around the world. The principal objectives of the WDL are to: Promote international and intercultural understanding; Expand the volume and variety...
    • Fri, Apr 17 2009

    Got a MAC? Are you part of the iBotnet (only if you are a dodgy pirate!)

    Interesting story over on ZDNET (I originally sourced this on Slashdot) about Apple MAC's and what's being called iBotnet ... MAC's may be so crippled that they don't get turned over by web based drive-bys, but they are not invunlerable to the invasion of the botnets! What's even funnier about this is that if you are a part of this botnet, the chances are high that you pirating some dodgy MAC...
    • Thu, Apr 16 2009

    Citrix and Application Virtualisation links

    A colleague passed me a link to his blog of sorts a few weeks ago, meant to post it on here ... contains lots of links about Citrix and Application Virtualisation. If thats your thing, then go pick through his links, see if there's anything that tickles your fancy. Arthurs netvibes
    • Wed, Apr 15 2009

    SMS / ConfigMgr Callback Information and Resources website

    Useful troubleshooting jump off point for when you need to raise a support case with Microsoft CSS. It's called the SMS / ConfigMgr Callback Information and Resources website Even if you are not raising a case, its worth being bookmarked for the tips and links off in to the ConfigMgr documentation library
    • Tue, Apr 14 2009

    Flight Control for iPhone

    I've got this game for the iPhone (yes apologies for mentioning the Apple beast here) called Flight Control. Has to be one of the most addictive games I've played in a long time. My fiance has same type of phone, and we have play off's once in a while, which is real geeky but great fun, especially since she never plays games!!! Essentially using gestures you swipe the screen on an airplane and draw it's...