MMMUG - Exchange 2010 - 27th of May 2009

MMMUG (Microsoft Messaging & Mobility User Group) is hosting an Exchange 2010 centric event on the 27th of May 2009 ... Read on:


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Hi All,

As you will no doubt have heard, Exchange 2010 was launched to the public on the 15th of April. This of course means that there is now a huge amount of new features and functionality to learn. So, to help you get started MMMUG will be running a series of events over the next few months covering many of the key areas.


We start on Wednesday May 27th with an overview of Exchange 2010. I will introduce things by taking a look at the future of email, Microsoft Style! Then Brett Johnson will dive deeper into a few of the key new areas.


To sign up for the event see the link below:


In the mean time, if you want to get started then check out my blog posts on Prerequisites, Installation and Certificates here:









Looking forward to seeing you at the event.