July, 2009

About Robs Blog

I'm Robert Marshall, director and principle consultant at SMSMarshall Ltd, who's specialism is in the Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager product and all of its dependent products, covering all aspects from Architecture, Implementation, Migration to Break-Fix.

I've been in front of computers for over 30 years now, with my roots in programming 8 bit computers, I've taken an often exciting journey which has led to becoming an expert in an enterprise product. I consider my career as starting 17 years ago, when I began my first serious role as a deployment engineer. I've seen 8 bit through to 64 bit, the rise and refinement of the interface we take for granted now, the rise of the Internet from land-line based modem access for the few, to the powerful broadband connections we have today for the masses, I saw mobile phones come into existence, and I've seen Microsoft evolve from more than a handful of employees to the company it is now, while pretty much tinkering with every OS they have released, as well as seeing an industry that has evolved around those humble beginnings to become what we have today. I'm a keen technical puzzle solver, I love to solve gnarly problems around my area of specialism. And, I love to share when I have time. I hope you enjoy the blog.


  • Friday links: Windows Live Admin Center

    Worth a click, might come in very handy for you: https://domains.live.com/default.aspx About Windows Live Admin Center Whether you maintain a website or just own a domain name (A unique Internet address, such as wingtiptoys.com . It is your personal...
  • Farnborough District Motor - Club Motorsport videos

    One of the horde (employee) where i work, Arthur Chan, is really in to his Club motorsport. And tonight he sent me a few links to videos he took at a recent event (12th July 2009) hosted by the Farnborough District Motor Club . Looks like they had...
  • ConfigMgr Package Preloading

    I had Package preload failure on a 64-bit Windows 2008 Secondary site server the other day. The preloader would generate an exception and not function. The long and the short of it was that we had the Preloader executable from the SMS2003 Toolkit still...
  • Some Windows 7 RTM info ...

    We're very close to Windows 7, can you sense the disturbance in the force yet? Some interesting info on the RTM release over at the Windows team blog http://windowsteamblog.com/blogs/windows7/default.aspx
  • SQL Query: How to convert a byte value to any other byte-based value

    John Nelson (MVP ConfigMgr) has turned out a really cool SQL query, which converts a byte value in to a given unit of measure such as MB or GB. This is useful if you want to express a byte value in GB form for example. If you write SQL queries for...