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    • Mon, Nov 30 2009

    ConfigMgr Prerequisite checker - Rules

    Wondered what prerequisite checks are being performed when you run the prerequisite checker? Wonder now more, the ConfigMgr Documentation team have a page about that Setup Prerequisite Checks
    • Fri, Nov 27 2009

    ConfigMgr documentation

    I was just speaking to an engineer based out in Brazil, he has been pestering me for operations stuff for a few weeks now and it was only when he said he’d learnt a lot about the product from me that I actually realised how much knowledge I was pushing in his direction, and how he’d been keeping up! He’s consumed all the internal documentation we can throw at him. Anyway, now I felt it was time to un-tether him...
    • Fri, Nov 27 2009

    Issue deploying ConfigMgr SP2 - NTFS Streams

    Had an interesting problem occur during an ConfigMgr SP1 to SP2 upgrade recently. During the upgrade process everything looked fine, all the way in to the reinstallation of the components by Site Component Manager. However the Reporting Point reinstallation seemed to be taking longer than it normally does. Left alone it’ll eventually time out, and Site Component Manager does a retry. This will continue to loop...
    • Fri, Nov 27 2009

    ConfigMgr engineer FTE position (UK)

    Sean Roberts of Inframon is looking to hire an experienced ConfigMgr engineer to join their expanding company on a full time basis. Looks like a good package. If you’re living in the UK, and interested, check out his blog posting here Sean Roberts Blog
    • Thu, Nov 19 2009

    Johan Arwidmarks MDT 2010 Deployment CD

    Johan emailed me a short while back with an update on his Deployment CD After spending a good few hours about every evening for more than three weeks now, I'm truly excited to bring you the MDT 2010 and ConfigMgr 2007 SP2 version of my free Deployment CD. Version 2.0 if you will. This second Deployment CD has the following detailed Step-by-step Guides and Video Tutorials: MDT 2010...
    • Fri, Nov 13 2009

    1e NightWatchman Server Edition LiveMeeting session

    WMUG recorded a virtual event with Andy Dominey from 1e on the NightWatchman Server Edition product Thursday 12th of November 2009. Covers some interesting power management features in the server space. Worth checking out, view here Big thanks to Andy for helping to put the event on at short notice, and the usual thanks to Rod Trent for hosting the resulting recording :-)
    • Tue, Nov 10 2009

    WMUG Virtual Meeting - 12th November 2009 - 6PM GMT - 1e NightWatchman Server edition

    WMUG have another virtual meeting taking place, this time Andy Dominey from 1e will be demonstrating the 1e NightWatchman Server edition product. The event is set to start on the 12th of November 2009 at 6PM GMT More information here
    • Mon, Nov 9 2009

    London, circa 1927 ... video in colour (color!) of some of the famous sites

    London in 1927, and in Colour (color!) #
    • Mon, Nov 9 2009

    TechED Berlin 2009: Press Room

    Rod Trent found this URL for the MS TechEd Berlin 2009 pressroom For those of us not attending, this is a great portal for info coming out of TechED Berlin
    • Mon, Nov 9 2009

    ConfigMgr 2007 MP for OpMgr 2007

    MS have released the updated ConfigMgr 2007 Management Pack for OpMgr 2007 Overview The Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 Management Pack adds support for monitoring Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 in a 64-bit environment with Operations Manager 2007 R2 or Operations Manager 2007 SP1 with hotfix (KB971541...