ConfigMgr documentation

I was just speaking to an engineer based out in Brazil, he has been pestering me for operations stuff for a few weeks now and it was only when he said he’d learnt a lot about the product from me that I actually realised how much knowledge I was pushing in his direction, and how he’d been keeping up! He’s consumed all the internal documentation we can throw at him.

Anyway, now I felt it was time to un-tether him from me and let him grow his knowledge independently. So, I passed him these two very important links that everyone that both knows the product, or is just starting out should have in their browser favourites.

The Configuration Manager 2007 Documentation Library

The Configuration Manager 2007 Documentation Library in downloadable form

There is also a Vista Gadget that allows you to search the Documentation Library, get it from here

The SMS Docs team are pretty approachable and friendly bunch, and are always willing to hear about any issues with the documentation. So, if you have something to feed back to them send an email to

Hope this helps grow your knowledge