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    • Thu, Jan 21 2010

    Quick video of ConfigMgr R3 feature - Prestaged Media

    Jeff Wettlaufer has put together a short video showing one of the cool new features soon to arrive when R3 is released OS Deployment enhancements in Configuration Manager 2007 R3 Check it out here >
    • Thu, Jan 21 2010

    All ConfigMgr 2007 SP2 ICP's available

    Great news, the ICP's (International Client Packs) for ConfigMgr 2007 SP2 are both available Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 International Client Packs are now available International Client Packs (ICPs) contain international-language clients to use with System Center Configuration Manager (SC Config Mgr) 2007 SP2. ICP downloads contain only the Config Mgr client files, not the English...
    • Thu, Jan 21 2010

    How It Works: Automatic Client Approval in Configuration Manager 2007

    EXCELLENT write up on client approval on the ConfigMgr Support Team Blog (these guys turn out gold regularly!) How It Works: Automatic Client Approval in Configuration Manager 2007 Purpose: This post is intended to explain how client approval works when a Mixed Mode Configuration Manager 2007 site is configured to automatically approve clients in trusted domains and to offer insight into how to troubleshoot...
    • Thu, Jan 21 2010

    IE - Out of band patch

    We're expecting to sync with MS around 6PM GMT to get the IE out of band patch in to the hierarchy so we can push this out quick. New Bulletin Summary Bulletin Identifier Internet Explorer Maximum Severity Rating Critical Impact of Vulnerability Remote Code Execution Restart Requirement The update will require...
    • Fri, Jan 15 2010

    DPM 2010 - About to become Release Candidate

    Noticed this earlier: Hopefully you have been enjoying the DPM 2010 beta since September, but we are almost finished with the Release Candidate and our last milestones towards delivery. Please join us on January 14 at 9:00 AM Pacific US Time to see what is coming in the Release Candidate We will demonstrate the pre-RC software that our early adopters have been running in production. We’ll demonstrate the new...
    • Thu, Jan 14 2010

    SMS2003 support (almost) comes to an end ... Come on, time to upgrade!

    Bless her cotton socks, good old SMS2003 moves out of mainstream support at the end of January 12th of Jan 2010, and it's site on the microsoft domain has had a refresh and has now become more of a portal to assist in migrating from SMS2003 to ConfigMgr. This doesn't mean it is no longer supported by MS, just means it moves from mainstream support to extended support ($$$). Jeff Wettlaufer recently blogged...
    • Fri, Jan 8 2010

    ProxyCFG on Vista and Win2008

    The ProxyCfg.exe utililty is an important tool, which us SMS Admins will encounter when we need to adjust proxy settings on a client so that it can communicate with the assigned site servers WSUS role. I needed ProxyCfg to solve a problem on a Windows 2008 Enterprise server today, and found out that ProxyCfg.exe has been deprecated on Vista and Win2008, but what replaces it? The answer is the NetSH command. To...
    • Fri, Jan 8 2010

    Just has to be seen to be appreciated!

    This video just made my jaw drop! # (It gets going, and yep you ain't see nothing like it, at around the 55 second mark) Of course, it is very safe for work so check it out! ... Just had to watch it again, be warned it's addictive viewing!
    • Fri, Jan 8 2010

    Recent SMS2003/ConfigMgr 2007 KB Articles

    Round of of recent KB articles (courtesy of the ConfigMgr Support Team Blog) KB976073 - The Windows Deployment Service stops responding when you use a PXE service point on a computer that is running a System Center Configuration Managr 2007 SP1 site server KB978021 - The Distribution Manager that is in System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 does not honor the "Number of retries" and "Delay before...
    • Fri, Jan 8 2010

    ConfigMgr Support Team Blog: Solution: Unable to connect to a ConfigMgr 2007 Secondary Site server from Service Manager unless you use a domain admin account

    Over at the ConfigMgr Support Team Blog, interesting write-up on failure encountered when using the ConfigMgr Service Manager to connect to Secondary Site servers ... Here's a unique issue I came across the other day that I thought you might like hearing about. In this case, we were unable to connect to a ConfigMgr 2007 Secondary Site server from Tools => Service Manager unless we were using a domain admin account...
    • Fri, Jan 8 2010

    WSUS Support Team Blog: Error code when you use Windows Update or Microsoft Update to install updates: 0x737D

    Over on the WSUS Support Team Blog, announcement of a new KB highlighting an issue when using Windows Update or Microsoft Update to install updates Symptoms: When you install updates by using Windows Update or Microsoft Update, you receive the following error code: 0x737D Additionally, you may receive the following error message: SQL Server Setup cannot upgrade the specified instance because...
    • Fri, Jan 8 2010

    January 2010 Microsoft Security Bulletins

    The Gods have blessed us! Well, actually no, Microsoft just decided to release one security update this patch cycle! Bulletin ID Maximum Severity Rating Vulnerability Impact Restart Requirement Affected Software* Bulletin 1 Critical Remote Code Execution May require restart Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows...
    • Thu, Jan 7 2010

    OpMgr Logging - Authoring Resource Kit Tools

    Steve helps us ConfigMgr folk appreciate the value of the ConfigMgr logging capabilities by talking about logging and process flow in OpMgr. Although it sounds painful living without many log files, they do seem to have some cool debug\troubleshooting tools which Steve covers off quite well. Three Cheers for the Authoring Resource Kit Tools! Part I - The Workflow Analyzer Have you ever been faced with troubleshooting...
    • Thu, Jan 7 2010

    Virtual Machine Manager - Migrating from a VMWare environment

    Lifted directly from the System Center Virtual Machine Manager Team Blog: Just an FYI that on Tuesday, January 12, 2010 10:00 AM-11:00 AM., we're hosting a Live Meeting presentation for System Center influencers titled “So you Want To Move from a VMware Infrastructure to Microsoft” presented by Kenon Owens, Microsoft Virtualization product manager. Note: This Live Meeting presentation is...
    • Wed, Jan 6 2010

    ConfigMgr Service Pack installation guide

    Useful tips on issues that can surface when installing a (latest) ConfigMgr Service Pack This document was created to help in troubleshooting Configuration Manager Service Pack 2 (SP2) install failures. This document is not entirely specific to Service Pack 2 and can apply to Service Pack 1 installs, upgrades from SMS 2003 to SCCM, and future service pack or Configuration Manager versions that rely on .mof file compilations...
    • Wed, Jan 6 2010

    EEHndlr WARNING: Failed to populate ServiceStartup entries in Cache: error 0x80070002

    The WSUS support team offered up this tip on resolving an 0x80070002 error that manifests due to some missing registry keys. When running updates from WSUS 3.0 SP1 we are seeing the following error messages in the Windows Update Agent Log File C:\Windows\WindowsUpdate.log We see these messages on all of our target Windows 2003 SP2 x64 servers WindowsUpdate. 2009-01-21 08:50:02:878 816 f2c PT +++++++++++ PT: Synchronizing...
    • Wed, Jan 6 2010

    Parrot AR Drone - The Ultimate Geek Toy?

    A remote controlled quadricopter drone with two cameras, wifi and flight stabilization. Soon as they start selling this I'm buying one! Oh, you've got to own a iPhone to be able to use it! (wonder if iTouch will be supported, you only need the wifi not cell coverage)
    • Tue, Jan 5 2010

    ConfigMgr Support Team Blog: Configuration Manager 2007 Out Of Band Demo and Tips

    When I get some time later, I'll sit through this ... but for now, am passing in on to the horde that seem to read my blog: Our very own Buz Brodin, a Senior Escalation Engineer here on our System Center Configuration Manager support team, recently posted a great video that goes through some demos and some tips and tricks for setting up and using Out Of Band Management with Intel AMT enabled clients. If you haven't...
    • Mon, Jan 4 2010

    Chris Whitehead - Sharepoint PFE Engineer does a bit of DPM

    If DPM is your thing then Chris's dive in to backing up and restoring SharePoint should certainly spin your wheels :-) Chris Whitehead, who is a Premier Field Engineer for SharePoint in the UK and a fan of DPM, recently posted a series of blogs on SharePoint and DPM. One of the things that we like about Chris is that he has a different point of view. - We in the DPM team think about “backing stuff...
    • Mon, Jan 4 2010

    Installing DPM 2007 SP1 on W2008 with Hyper-V role

    Small write up on installing DPM 2007 SP1 on to W2008 with the Hyper-V role installed all on the very same host ... You have installed a single Hyper-V server with some virtual machines and you want to complety snapshot them using Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 (only with SP1) while they are running? No problem, with DPM 2007 SP1 you can do [ Read More... ]
    • Mon, Jan 4 2010

    WSUS Wiki

    Found this WSUS Wiki today, very useful ... Windows Server Update Services Wiki
    • Mon, Jan 4 2010

    Peter Van Der Woude - SMS Bloggage

    Peter has some cracking SMS info on his blog , Check it out:
    • Mon, Jan 4 2010

    WSUS Offline Update

    Not used this tool, first time i've seen it, as usual thought someone out there might be interested in seeing it. Boasts offline patching, no need for internet connection etc. I'm not endorsing this product, just highlighting so you can check it out
    • Mon, Jan 4 2010

    Intel AMT\OOB treasure

    Another good resource, this time lots of info on AMT\OOB implementation for ConfigMgr from a guy called Trevor Sullivan;jsessionid=5685E821F048AC2A55D188DE23302974.node5COMS?view=overview Go plunder that resource!
    • Mon, Jan 4 2010

    Johns amazing stash

    John Nelson over at myITforum has a excellent blog covering SMS. You'll find a treasure trove of superb SQL queries that accomplish specific tasks as well as give you an insight in to how best to do things in SQL. Great resource for budding SQL\SMS guru's :-) Johns treasure horde of SMS knowledge