ConfigMgr Service Pack installation guide

Useful tips on issues that can surface when installing a (latest) ConfigMgr Service Pack

This document was created to help in troubleshooting Configuration Manager Service Pack 2 (SP2) install failures. This document is not entirely specific to Service Pack 2 and can apply to Service Pack 1 installs, upgrades from SMS 2003 to SCCM, and future service pack or Configuration Manager versions that rely on .mof file compilations, SQL SPNS, provider DLLs, etc.


Section 1 Pre-Upgrade Best Practices

Section 2 General Troubleshooting

Section 3 List of Known Issues and Solutions:

A: SPN issues with SQL

B: Time Skew between remote SQL and Site Server

C: Re-Registering relevant files / errors attempting to re-register needed files.

D. Deleting Temp Files, setting Temp variables.

E. Searching for a "bad" custom or customized report

F. Checking for pre-existing duplicate reports that are new to SCCM SP2

G. Upgrade fails due to registry setting.

H. Site System does not have rights to remote SQL System or Clustered SQL Nodes

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(Thanks to Jannes Alink, MVP in ConfigMgr for offering up this link)

An issue I saw with a recent primary site upgrade to SP2 was with Asset Intelligence data in the DB causing the ConfigMgr 2007 SP2 to fail to install during the AI section of setup ... we had to identify the offending rows and remove them from the database before we could complete the upgrade. Think this might be a one-off, but if you experience it let me know!