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    • Thu, May 27 2010

    WMUG and ConfigMgr v.Next

    Heard the news yet? No doubt you have! ConfigMgr v.Next Beta 1 has gone PUBLIC. Yes that means you can download v.Next and play around with it to your hearts content. Check out RBAC, it'll change the way you partition responsibilities! Get ready to download this baad boy here: And Microsoft have...
    • Thu, May 27 2010

    WMUG site relocation

    I've been trailing behind on my blogging recently, mostly due to our hosts stretching out this site move with delay after delay after delay. We've had to put the entire site on hold, blogging, event announcements etc for almost a month due to the way this has been handled. We've published a few blog entries here and there, but all we can do is offer our apologies and announce that we are literally one day...
    • Mon, May 24 2010

    Microsoft Certification - Discounts

    Raphael Perez, another ConfigMgr MVP told me about a discount you can get on Microsoft 70-X exams up until the 30th of June. Check his blog posting out here: Is that 50% off a free 2nd go? Cool!
    • Wed, May 19 2010

    WMUG Virtual Event: Silect MP Studio – 25th May 7PM GMT

    We’ve got another great event for you. This time it's Silect and they will be demo’ing the MP studio product. You can read up on MP studio here. The Virtual event is set to run at 7PM GMT on the 25th of May 2010. Got questions for the Silect team? Then use the LiveMeeting Q&A feature during the event itself, or email and we’ll make sure its read out. See you there...
    • Mon, May 17 2010

    More magic WMI from Kim

    Can't keep this guy down, another article on WMI eventing from Kim Oppalfens Fascinating stuff,
    • Mon, May 17 2010

    Terminator video

    Someone linked me to this earlier, if you've not seen it, stick with the slow start, quality ending :-)
    • Mon, May 17 2010

    Kim's WMI webcast

    Kim Oppalfens has propped up his webcast for making WMI do seemingly impossible things. Seemingly, as in the features have always been there, just no one really dug in, or at least didn't do so and then broadcast the results to the world. Well Kim does exactly that. Kick back and check out his video, has a run time of 80 minutes, hard going but worth every frame :-)
    • Mon, May 17 2010

    System Center Service Manager (SCSM) - Technet webcast series coming to a PC near you

    I'm going to be diving head first in to SCSM in a few weeks time, and as we figure it out we'll be putting together a series of virtual sessions so you can check it out. Check out The Nexus SC, good post on there links to a series of weekly Technet Webcasts covering the product in detail. This is...
    • Sat, May 15 2010

    Patching Windows 2008 Server Core with ConfigMgr

    Found a good article over on Nathan's blog detailing how to patch with the WUA client, Windows 2008 server core. Support came for W2008C in ConfigMgr SP1 , but to patch it you'll need to setup the usual on the ConfigMgr side then run a vbcript on the W2008C server to initiate the patch install. Here's another ace link, from technet on supporting...
    • Fri, May 14 2010

    You couldn't even make this stuff up

    This guy, what the heck? Lucky or Unlucky? I know one thing, I wouldn't travel with him! This guy needs his own movie, he's survived more accidents than James Bond does on a day out to Dr No's HQ or Scaramanga's Island!
    • Fri, May 14 2010

    Steve Bobosky - User affinity NOW

    Steve Bobosky wrote up a cool blog posting on how to get User Affinity in to ConfigMgr 2007 right now, rather than waiting for this to arrive in the form of v.Next. Steve's going to hand over the goods in separate postings, with this, the first, kicking things off: Is seriously worth a read, even if you won't use it, just...
    • Fri, May 14 2010

    Microsoft Superflows for ConfigMgr 2007

    Just noticed this: Backup and Recovery Superflow for Configuration Manager 2007 Overview The SuperFlow interactive content model provides a structured and interactive interface for viewing documentation. Each SuperFlow includes comprehensive information about a specific dataflow, workflow, or process...
    • Thu, May 13 2010

    ConfigMgr training resources

    Handy link to Microsoft training materials for ConfigMgr 2007 Loads of helpful articles on there from OSD, Asset Intelligence to Software Updates.
    • Thu, May 13 2010

    Operating System Deployment team blog - Lights are back on

    Looks like the OSD team blog is alive again, has been quiet for some time, Keep an eye on it here: RSS to it here:
    • Thu, May 13 2010

    System Center Service Manager (SCSM) 2010 has gone RTM

    Bit behind on dishing up the news ... I see that SCSM 2010 has gone RTM. We're going to give this release some attention on WMUG, first up we'll put together a virtual meeting so we can demo the tool itself and have a long Q&A. Will announce this on the front page of very soon. Read more:
    • Wed, May 12 2010

    ConfigMgr Software Updates - definition of the coloured icons

    If I don't use the feature often I tend to forget the colour coding, we all know what the green means, most of us know what grey means, but what are the other colours for? Normal Icon The green icon represents a normal software update. Description: Software updates that have been synchronized available for deployment. Operational Concerns: There are no operational concerns. Expired Icon...
    • Tue, May 11 2010

    ConfigMgr Backup failure - Error 145

    We had backup failure on two of our Primaries, the root cause of which seemed to stem from file locks being present on the files in the backup folder while the backup is running. I scheduled a job to run just before the backup to collect any file handles and dump to a log file (handles.exe) but none showed up. No process had file locks in the backup location, or at least at that time there were none. Bit more digging...
    • Tue, May 11 2010

    Microsoft Survey: ConfigMgr and WSUS pain points

    Time to get some feedback to MS on the WSUS and Configmgr integration. Check out the survey here, takes literally one minute, no login required and the feedback is seen by the product group, who, as you know, roll the dice on the features and any updates they get. Survey: What are your top pain points for the use of ConfigMgr and WSUS? If you love taking surveys, and who doesn't, then you'll definitely...
    • Tue, May 11 2010

    Important: SMS2003 ITMU Patch issue for April 2010 patch set

    Defo one to watch out for if you're using SMS2003 + ITMU to deploy the April 2010 patch set The ConfigMgr support team blog: We've been getting some calls about this one so I thought it deserved a mention here. If you're having some ITMU related issues with the April 2010 security patch install then you'll want to take a quick read of this one. Note that this issue only affects SMS 2003. Our currently...
    • Wed, May 5 2010

    Shavlik - SCUPdates

    We recently held a LiveMeeting event , free for all to join, where representatives from Shavlik put on a 30 minute demo of the SCUPdates product. I like this one, its quick, to the point and show you what the tool delivers. You can check out the recording here Stay tuned as we are bringing more of these to you soon, with Shavlik...