Microsoft Survey: ConfigMgr and WSUS pain points

Time to get some feedback to MS on the WSUS and Configmgr integration.

Check out the survey here, takes literally one minute, no login required and the feedback is seen by the product group, who, as you know, roll the dice on the features and any updates they get.

Survey: What are your top pain points for the use of ConfigMgr and WSUS?

image If you love taking surveys, and who doesn't, then you'll definitely want to stop by MyITForum and give ours a shot.  And if you're thinking "Wow, I love surveys, but who has the time?" then don't worry, ours is only a single question.  It doesn't get much easier than that.  So if you'd like to send us some feedback on what your top pain points are with regards to System Center Configuration Manager 2007 and WSUS then head on over to the following link and let us hear from you:




This is a MS survey, hosted over on myITforum. Check it out here

I've already fed back a request ...