Microsoft Superflows for ConfigMgr 2007

Just noticed this: Backup and Recovery Superflow for Configuration Manager 2007


The SuperFlow interactive content model provides a structured and interactive interface for viewing documentation. Each SuperFlow includes comprehensive information about a specific dataflow, workflow, or process. Depending on the focus of the SuperFlow, you will find overview information, steps that include detailed information, procedures, sample log entries, best practices, real-world scenarios, troubleshooting information, security information, animations, or other information. Each SuperFlow also includes links to relevant resources, such as Web sites or local files that are copied to your computer when you install the SuperFlow. The Backup and Recovery SuperFlow for Configuration Manager 2007 provides detailed steps that help you to backup and recover a Configuration Manager 2007 site.

And over on the ConfigMgr Team Blog I clocked an update to the Configure\Deploy Software Updates Superflows from earlier in the year (March 2010)