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    • Mon, Jun 28 2010

    Scuba - Malta - June 2010 - Visting the P29 and Rozi

    more video from my underwater exploits ... This time, Malta, June 2010, me and a friend go dive the P29 and the Rozi on twins+stage
    • Fri, Jun 25 2010

    iPhone 4 - get a grip!

    Funniest announcement EVER about Apple products: Steve's "Golden" and very helpful advise is: "Just avoid holding it in that way." Let's back up a bit here ... hold it that way? Sink a few hundred in to a new toy, to find out you can't hold it in a regular and accepted way. A phone that can only be handled in a certain way...
    • Fri, Jun 25 2010

    xxx gets approved by ICANN

    After what seems like an eternity, mostly likely just a decade, the top level xxx domain gets approved for use. As usual, Slashdot has some withering, comical and amusing comments worthy of burning some time to read One commentor points out that instead...
    • Mon, Jun 21 2010

    ConfigMgr 2007 and Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 integration

    Jeff Wettlaufer highlighted this video on how to integrate FEP 2010 in to ConfigMgr 2007, seems to have caused a bit of a stir at TechEd 2010 I believe, bit of a hot topic ...
    • Mon, Jun 21 2010

    Documentation topics every Configuration Manager admin should know

    Over on the The Configuration Manager Support Team Blog , there's write up on ConfigMgr Documentation topics that are currently in demand. The list is a bit empty right now, only refering to the Prerequisites, but a little birdy gave me a bigger list which can be shared. This gives you an idea of what the entry-level, as well as well-oiled ConfigMgr administrators are looking at. Prerequisites for Installing...
    • Fri, Jun 11 2010

    No2 on the way …

    (Well he arrived, but he isn't No2 meaning second baby, he's No2 Robert as in Henry Robert Marshall ;-) My son at 27 wks :-) Its truly amazing what technology can do with sound waves.
    • Fri, Jun 11 2010

    ConfigMgr 2011 - SQL Replication troubleshooting

    As you probably already know, ConfigMgr 2011 (v.Next) uses SQL Replication to pass data between sites ... I've been troubleshooting SQL 2008 Replication, and found a few interesting links that might help grow out your skills in this area if you're not already above novice-level :-) Here is SQL Server Replication exposed on MSDN in all its glory: Here...
    • Thu, Jun 10 2010

    SCVMM 2008 R2 hotfix rollup

    SCVMM 2008 R2 gets a rollup:
    • Wed, Jun 9 2010

    Set adrift ...

    Incredible story behind a lost underwater camera, check it out here: If I was the manufacturer of the camera housing I'd be using this in my marketing :-)
    • Wed, Jun 9 2010

    Jeroen Erkelens - Good example of thinking on your feet

    I stumbled in to this article by Jeroen Erkelens earlier. The reason I thought it'd be worth sharing is that I've come across this kind of solution in several companies, and managing an exit code harks back to the DOS days which has spawned several solutions all varying in degrees of elegence. Today we would use VBScript and massage the error return value to suit our needs. Good job Jeroen in outlining your...
    • Sun, Jun 6 2010

    Setting up a ConfigMgr 2011 Beta (v.Next) Hierarchy for lab use

    Now that v.Next Beta build 7469 has been made available, I thought I'd put this little lot together for you. Installing ConfigMgr 2011 Beta Hierarchy I make a few assumptions in this guide, that you've checked the Hardware Requirements and can easily meet them, with either a physical or virtual test environment, and that if you encounter any problems, you're savvy enough to be able to overcome them....
    • Fri, Jun 4 2010

    Slow performance in ConfigMgr with BITS\Kerberos

    Interesting write up at the Configuration Manager Support Team Blog on a way to possibly speed up transfer of large packages out to your DP's. Very handy
    • Wed, Jun 2 2010

    WMUG presents: Randy Roffey from Silect - MP studio

    Yep we've got another virtual event for you to watch. This time Randy Roffey from Silect shows off MP Studio You can check out our latest recording here