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    • Fri, Jul 30 2010

    Boris Johnson - Mayor of Londons Bike Scheme

    Boris Johnson, Mayor of London has introducted a new Bike rental scheme today, here in London, and I thought I'd run the figures and compare them against a scheme that is known to work and be cheap in the Netherlands. Although they do actually lose quite a few bikes over the year, they still manage to keep the prices respectable. I don't think Boris's pricing scheme is respectable, in fact it's an outright...
    • Thu, Jul 29 2010

    Launching ConfigMgr Resource Explorer outside of the console

    A collegue of mine is currently tasked with looking at inventory for some clients, and he needs to invoke Resource Explorer quite a bit ... it's a time consuming process, as he has to first ID the client in the console (slow), right click (context menus can sometimes be slow to render) and launch Resource Explorer, all of which incurs a significant time penalty across the day. Anyway, he could work this a bit more...
    • Mon, Jul 26 2010

    Champix - Day one

    Finding it hard to give up smoking, and with the baby just 4 weeks away, I want to be out of the habit of nipping out for a quick one by the time he arrives. So I'm trying Champix, a Pfizer (hey didn't I work for them?) drug, initially just two weeks worth, but once I get past two weeks I get a more regular supply until I no longer need them. Some rather negative but mostly positive reviews to give a good...
    • Sun, Jul 25 2010

    Henry Ford and Ethanol

    Not IT related, but worth a read Henry Ford and Ethanol fuel Notice the gap between enlightment to adoption of 70 odd years ...
    • Fri, Jul 23 2010

    ConfigMgr 2007 R2 VHD - Rereleased

    Looks like MS have re-released the ConfigMgr 2007 R2 VHD with a later deactivation date. If you want to evaluate the product but don't want to install all the bits and bobs, this is the way to go.
    • Wed, Jul 21 2010

    LNK and PIF exploit - Microsoft fixit to the rescue

    Looks like Microsoft are really putting time in to Fixit as it is appearing all over the place :-) See Fixit in action: LNK and PIF file exploit being closed by Mr Fixit:
    • Mon, Jul 19 2010

    In Seattle area July 22 to July 27 and got some spare time (and not a blue badge)?

    Microsoft Research needs you for a double blind placebo experiment involving mice and lab coats ;-) No seriously, if you want to give MS a hand with a study then check this link out: This one isn't necessarily support related but if any of you are in the Seattle area here's a really cool opportunity for you. Microsoft User Research is in need of Seattle area IT Professionals of larger organizations of...
    • Mon, Jul 19 2010

    ConfigMgr support team blog - Deep dive: Component details and data flow for site-to-site replication in SMS2003\CM07

    Very handy, a document detailing the data flow of intersite replication and the components used. Could of done with something like this when I began, so if you are picking up CM07 and are a bit fresh, this will spin you up to speed and turn you in to an intersite replication guru :-)
    • Mon, Jul 12 2010

    Parrot AR Drone – uber geek toy

    Parrot’s AR Drone touches down real soon, and this little puppy is definitely joining my collection The drone itself has built-in wifi, and both front and bottom camera which feed a live video stream to the iPhone, with other devices becoming supported real soon, allowing you to fly the thing around just using the view from the drone. How cool is that. Since it’s using wifi, you’re going to be pretty limited in terms...
    • Sun, Jul 11 2010

    Messing around with IE Accelerators

    Had a little look at how to put together accelerators and found it's not that difficult to start putting these things together. I made two search accelerators, one for MS Support to search for KB ID's, and the other to search this site, WMUG. Check out the article here ,
    • Tue, Jul 6 2010

    SCVMM 2008 R2 - Updated documentation

    The SCVMM 2008 R2 docs got revv'd Check out here:
    • Thu, Jul 1 2010

    Patriot Memory - 6GB, 12GB and 24GB tri-channel kits in speeds ranging from 1600MHz to 2000MHz

    I'm itching to get my hands on three of these DIMMs :-) Patriot Memory have announced the immediate availability of the Viper II Series ‘Sector 7’ Edition to its family of Extreme Performance DDR3 memory. The Sector 7 Edition DDR3 is their ultimate performance memory solution for the Intel X58 system platform and has...