And along came Henry …

On the 17th of August, 05:42am BST Henry Marshall put in an appearance, after spending several months exploring a small space, much to the annoyance and often frustrations of his loving mother, he came out a healthy baby weighing 3.5Kb (7.71lb) and working those lungs like a 10 year old working a Nintendo DS.

Here he is, moments after delivery




And his first few days at home




Its been an Incredible experience. I’ve been power levelling over the last 7 days, and am now a Level 3 dad, just need a few more XP points, say another 20 nappy changes, to move on up to Level 4 :-)

Enjoyed all my time off, back to work soon and I'll only be sharing evenings and weekends with the little fellow. He makes us very happy.