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    • Mon, Sep 27 2010

    FCS Updates in a shared WSUS environment

    John Marcum and Kim Oppalfens have put together a great article from a collaboration that they took part in, to try and deploy FCS updates in a shared WSUS environment . These guys look like they have cracked the problem and offer up the solution .. great work guys! Read the full article here
    • Wed, Sep 22 2010

    Windows 7 phone confirmed to be available on all five UK mobile operators

    Caught this announcement on Engadget today that Windows 7 phones will be sold through all five mobile operators in the UK. Instead of just o2 , who got exclusivity on the iPhone in the UK. This is real good news for competitive data plans, and a better handset price. Competition has a habit of doing this sort of stuff. Steve Jobs may of missed a trick here by being so selective network-wise. I think they, Apple...
    • Sat, Sep 18 2010

    Internet Explorer 9 Beta

    Just installed it at home, am liking it, some of the new stuff is very subtle. Check it out while it is still in Beta here
    • Thu, Sep 16 2010

    ConfigMgr Client Certificate that’ll outlast time

    Somehow, don’t ask me how, we managed to get a client to install its self-signed certificates with an interesting expiration date That’s 3,129 years in the future! Awesome Lionel wrote a good blog post about client registration, kind of links in here, check it out here
    • Thu, Sep 16 2010

    Recent KB's for ConfigMgr now available via an RSS feed

    Microsoft have given us a great way to watch out for patches being released for the ConfigMgr product. I love empowering people, I don't like to sit on news feeds then spoon it to you, it would make me seem pro when all I'm doing is venting other peoples content ... so instead, here's the empowering bit ... to get a bit of this action you just need to sign up to the following RSS feed and that is it: ...
    • Thu, Sep 16 2010

    Asset Intelligence gets a hotfix rollup for ConfigMgr SP2

    Microsoft released a private hotfix (you have to request it) for Asset Inteligence. It's called Hotfix rollup for Asset Intelligence in System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 Firms up some of the reports, bad detection or incorrect reporting, stuff has been cleaned up, read more here You just need to click that View and request hotfix downloads link to get obtain...
    • Tue, Sep 14 2010

    Cool pacman rendition

    This is so cool :-)
    • Sun, Sep 12 2010


    I use this news site more and more nowadays ...
    • Sat, Sep 11 2010

    Rephotographic survey of the American West

    Amazing photographs of scenes shot 1890, 1970 and 1999 from the same viewpoint from the Third View project . Third View revisits the sites of historic western American landscape photographs. The project makes new photographs, keeps a field diary of its travels, and collects materials useful in interpreting the scenes, change and the passage of time. The Third View project began in 1997 and completed fieldwork in the year...
    • Sat, Sep 11 2010

    Video of a dive made out in Malta, June 2010

    Made this a while back, its a HD movie of me and a friend getting 2 wrecks in on the same dive out in Malta
    • Thu, Sep 2 2010

    Minature homebrew Cray-1A

    Wish I had the patience to make something like this, what a project