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    • Thu, Dec 30 2010

    Screenshooter - sharing screengrabs easily

    I had this tool pointed out to me today by Paul, doesn't replace the Windows 7 snipping tool, but as a collaboration tool, it deserves to join the toolkit. It works by capturing a portion of your desktop, uploading the image to a server then hand you a shareable URL ... neat ... easy way to show someone what you're seeing ...
    • Mon, Dec 13 2010

    Video: ConfigMgr 2007 R3

    I did a quick (20 minute) video introducing the features of ConfigMgr 2007 R3. This video contains no audio, instead I use slides to pass on information and to break up the video in to sections covering each of the features. (Please visit the site t...
    • Mon, Dec 13 2010

    Bombing down the slope - Snowboarding

    Snowboarding down a slope at fun speeds :> (Not my own video!) Love the little hops and jumps he does along the way ... can't wait to get on a board again, season is almost upon me
    • Mon, Dec 13 2010

    Lotus Notes really sucks - hard

    I have to say this right now, as I'm constantly fighting this counter-intuitive piece of ... software I HATE LOTUS NOTES - IT REALLY DOES SUCK - IT IS LIKE USING COMPUSERVE TO ACCESS THE INTERNET - WHY WOULD ANY COMPANY STILL USE IT IN 2010? I am envious of Microsoft Outlook\Exchange users big time right now and how productive they can be with their mailbox ;-)
    • Thu, Dec 9 2010

    ConfigMgr 2007 now supports SQL 2008 SP2

      The System Center Configuration Manager Team blog released a November support announcement detailing support for SQL 2008 SP2 : Download SQL 2008 SP2 from here : The ConfigMgr 2007 SP2 Supported...
    • Thu, Dec 2 2010

    But not as we know it

      Quote from BBC News: The first organism able to substitute one of the six chemical elements crucial to life has been found. Put simply it means it’s more likely that there life forms on other planets.
    • Thu, Dec 2 2010

    It’s life Jim

    Something amazing is about to be announced by NASA regarding an astrobiology finding … Plenty of speculation here