March, 2011

About Robs Blog

I'm Robert Marshall, director and principle consultant at SMSMarshall Ltd, who's specialism is in the Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager product and all of its dependent products, covering all aspects from Architecture, Implementation, Migration to Break-Fix.

I've been in front of computers for over 30 years now, with my roots in programming 8 bit computers, I've taken an often exciting journey which has led to becoming an expert in an enterprise product. I consider my career as starting 17 years ago, when I began my first serious role as a deployment engineer. I've seen 8 bit through to 64 bit, the rise and refinement of the interface we take for granted now, the rise of the Internet from land-line based modem access for the few, to the powerful broadband connections we have today for the masses, I saw mobile phones come into existence, and I've seen Microsoft evolve from more than a handful of employees to the company it is now, while pretty much tinkering with every OS they have released, as well as seeing an industry that has evolved around those humble beginnings to become what we have today. I'm a keen technical puzzle solver, I love to solve gnarly problems around my area of specialism. And, I love to share when I have time. I hope you enjoy the blog.


  • SQL query for Site servers and Site Systems

    Thought I'd blog this as an Aide mémoire more than anything. Determine which Site Systems are present in the Hierarchy select distinct ServerName as SiteSystems from v_SystemResourceList where servername not in (select servername from...
  • ConfigMgr SP2 - Support for Win7 SP1 and W2K8 R2 SP1 platforms

    Microsoft released a patch that allows Win7 SP1 and W2K8 R2 SP1 to become valid recognised clients in ConfigMgr. As a patch, you request and download it, then apply to your Site servers and not to your Site systems. It modifies the entries in the Requirements...
  • ConfigMgr 2012 Beta 2 Public release has arrived

    After all this time waiting, we finally have a public of the Beta 2 build version. Check out the download here : The supported platforms document...
  • ZX81 - Way back ...

    I have vivid memories sitting in front of this computer: I owe a nod of appreciation towards Sir Clive Sinclair, this was the home computer that caught me in its headlights and put me on the path towards...
  • HBGary - Hackery for the goverment

    Great article up on Ars Technica about the HBGary break-in and subsequent discovery of all their emails, this is pure geek at the lowest level, only clicky if you can handly some crazy crazy stuff!