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    • Sat, Apr 30 2011

    Repurposing the MDT 2010 wizard

      I need a nice ConfigMgr installation HTA, a front-end doing data collection over several “pages”, configuration files built from the answers, package installations started, and a nice uniform look\feel about it. I could write a one-off HTA for this, but thought maybe there was an engine I could use already out there, something that takes input files to produce a wizard an engineer can navigate through. I had a...
    • Thu, Apr 28 2011

    SMS2003 - Service accounts being used

    I wrote this a fair few years ago, it's for those environments still running SMS2003 who opted to use Normal Security (Service Accounts, harking back to SMS 2.0 here!) instead of using Advanced Security (computer accounts). The script, all it does is pump out what Service Accounts are in use on each of the site servers in the hierarchy, but first it requires a PREINST /DUMP to be performed from the Central Site...
    • Tue, Apr 5 2011

    ConfigMgr 2012: Signs of more data heading in to the database

    Paul Thompson wrote up smashing article ... gives real insight in to how the product group are thinking, and how management\access to data is being made easier in subtle, small ways for CM12. Paul talks about querying SQL for Client Agent properties ... if you've tried getting your hands on these properties, you are not Kim Oppalfens who digs WMI and SCF mining, and been left with a bitter experience, then you're...
    • Tue, Apr 5 2011

    ConfigMgr 2012 - P2V Migration Toolkit

    Catching up with myself now I've recovered from the "Epic Flu" :-) Folks already blogged about this one, but its worth repeating just for what this slick tool is going to do for us when migrations from CM07 to CM12 begin ... The Configuration Manager P2V Migration Toolkit was designed to assist in situations where there are remote Configuration Manager 2007 site servers that need to be retained during...