System Center Opalis Intergration Server 6.3 - Unleashed

Wow this book is AMAZING !

I've not even read it yet, it has a cast of thousands according to the front jacket (3 main authors, 3 sub-authors?!) ... I know at least one of the Chapters is going to rock your socks off because it was written by WMUG's very own David Allen, MVP in OpMgr!

Go buy it from here: and demand you free copy of David Allen(TM) to do the installation for you (currently requires a rocket scientist to install!).

Joking aside, Opalis will play a bit part in the infrastructure over the next few years. You should be aware of this product, or gone further and braved the installation steps (there are a LOT!) to get this up and running in a test lab. The fact that it is in the System Center family should give away the importance being attached to the product.

If you get a chance, check it out, possibly with this book sitting to the side as a reference!

Oh, if anyone wants a signed copy for $500 I can make that happen ok :-)

Good work David!