Opalis(Orchestrator): ConfigMgr 2007 IP Extensions

News on an extension to the Scopalis ConfigMgr IP ...

One of our favorite community members, Ryan Andorfer, has just created a new community IP for Configuration Manager 2007! You may know Ryan from his previous IP’s (available on CodePlex) for Active Directory, Exchange, VSphere, Scheduled Tasks, and Opalis Utilities. Well, he’s done it again! This new IP for Configuration Manager 2007 currently has 43 different activities with another 17 still in development.

If you've got Scopalis running, so worth checking out this IP ... some really cool stuff happening, so check out the article for a run down on what is in the IP Extension.

Made by a community member, and probably going to be used by the world. That's what I like about Microsoft and ConfigMgr ... you really can be creative and get it recognised and used world-wide ... kudos Ryan.


Oh man! You can do so much to ConfigMgr inside your Scopalis(Orchestrat) runbooks !