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    • Mon, Aug 22 2011

    [Events] Wally Mead–UK–November 4th–ConfigMgr 2012 all the way

    WMUG are very much delighted to invite you to an entire day of ConfigMgr, presented by none other than Senior Program Manager Wally Mead. The day is hosted at the Microsoft Campus in Reading on the 4th of November, and Wally will be covering ConfigMgr 2012 with his usual gusto, and unique way of answering long questions with short answers! This is a day not to be missed if ConfigMgr 2012 is on your radar right now...
    • Tue, Aug 2 2011

    Going Hans Solo

    Lots of folk get all irrational when you mention scuba diving (the solo bit) on your own, the amount of times jaws have dropped when I've brought the subject up sigh ... I think its because they feel threatend, and I don't mean physically endangered, I mean it goes against what certain training agencies drill into them over and over and it is something they, specifically, wouldn't do, or they haven't matured...