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    • Tue, Sep 20 2011

    Apple - Security is for non-turtleneck wearing folk

    Seems that Apple have introduced some glaring security holes to OS X Lion ... this is classic text-book stuff. I don't think we'll be hearing many whines from the fanboys about Microsoft security for a while :-) Or at least until they patch up their own mess and act like it didn't happen ;-)
    • Thu, Sep 15 2011

    Windows 8 - a new BSOD screen

    Worth checking out for a laugh! Cute, but not very informative ... that's ok, as BSOD's usually happen in front of a humble user, and a minidump plus debug tools helps us to determine the issue remotely most times (unless you have DEM maybe?) ... still, maybe it'd be nice to see the (not so) cryptic error's...
    • Wed, Sep 14 2011

    Windows 8 – Try it yourself now

    Windows 8 preview is here, and its getting a lot of liking! Check it out from here
    • Wed, Sep 14 2011

    Single mouse and keyboard across multiple machines

    Check this out, Mouse without Borders, a pet project at MS that lets you drive up to four machines using a single mouse and keyboard. Its available for download right now! Love toys like this, will check it out over the weekend :-)
    • Wed, Sep 14 2011

    Windows 8 (cough) tablet

    These toys are not for sale, those lucky developers attending BUILD were given one free! Another write up which includes pictures can be seen here courtesy of Neowin. Core i5 processor 4GB of DDR3 RAM 64GB SSD hard drive Wifi and 3G 11.6-inch Super PLS 1366-by-768 display Punchy spec's, only drawback is that it weighs 2 pounds and won't...