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    • Sun, Oct 30 2011

    Install ConfigMgr 2012 Release Candidate 1 in a lab

    Welcome to my System Center Configuration Manager 2012 Release Candidate 1 installation guide If you work your way through this guide, you'll have ConfigMgr 2012 up and running in your lab within a few hours and can mess around with the new release candidate But first, you will need to download all the kits mentioned below, and build prepare an Operating System to install the Site onto then follow the...
    • Thu, Oct 27 2011

    ConfigMgr 2012–Release Candidate has arrived

    Cancel all your appointments, and get ready to download and install the next iteration of the ConfigMgr product, Configuration Manager 2012 Release Candidate 1. So much has changed since Beta 2, but over the coming days I’ll be running off, as will other MVP’s and the world, blogs, articles and videos on the new features, and the changes made to existing well known features. Some awesome stuff for you...
    • Mon, Oct 17 2011

    Standing on the shoulders of Giants

    Aptly titled article over on Wired, about the passing of Dennis Ritchie, titled Standing on the shoulder of giants. Yeah so apt, as those that underpin the computing industry are often sidelined by those that stand on the shoulders of giants and make loads of noise. People that have shaped our (those of us that use computers) daily lives, such...
    • Thu, Oct 13 2011

    Dennis Ritchie passed away

    To put it simply, “almost every day, almost everyone who uses a computer, will have touched on something that Dennis Ritchie gave away”. Truly a pioneer of modern computing.